Juiced.GS at KansasFest 2010

Juiced.GS publisher Gamebits will be in attendance at the KansasFest 2010 vendor fair, where Apple II merchants and users buy, sell, and swap hardware, software, and publications. We will be selling subscriptions as well as complete hardcopy volumes, 2002–2009.

If you will be at KansasFest and would like to buy any back issues, please let us know in advance. As challenging as it is to anticipate demand for these products, it is even more tiring to lug a suitcase full of magazines to Kansas City — and then back home to Boston! By letting us know what stock to have on-hand, you help us ensure that our merchandise goes to readers who want it. No advance notice is required for subscriptions to current or future volumes.

If you decide to make an impulse purchase of back issues at KansasFest without previously submitting a request, you will still be eligible for any special KansasFest discounts, but you will leave the event empty-handed and will have to wait for the product to ship to your home. (Why anyone would want to wait to get their hands on Juiced.GS, I have no idea.)

See you at the show!

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