Juiced.GS in 2011, online index, and digital issues

It is the pleasure of the staff of Juiced.GS to announce that the longest-running and last remaining Apple II print publication will continue to shatter records in 2011 when it publishes its sixteenth volume. Subscriptions and renewals are $19 for United States customers and $26 for all other territories and are now being accepted.

After so many years of news, reviews, how-tos, and interviews, the Juiced.GS catalog of back issues has grown quite extensive, making it challenging to find a particular article, be it by topic, author, or headline. That’s why staff writer Mike Maginnis has pored over all 58 issues and catalogued their entire contents into an online index that can be searched, sorted, exported, and more. Whatever piece of content you’re looking for, you can now find its details online.

Juiced.GS Concentrate

Now that all this content is easy to find, we also want to make it easier to purchase and read. Although sales indicate that a majority of subscribers are happy with the current hardcopy edition, we understand the benefits of digital publication in PDF format. Instead of creating PDFs that compete with our existing and popular print-edition back issues, we have created a new line of products: Juiced.GS Concentrate — thematic packs of content assembled from our archives and updated and consolidated into one edition. No longer do you need to flip between several issues or purchase separate volumes to have a complete series of articles; instead, you’ll have a single, full-color, searchable, printable file. Our launch lineup includes three Concentrates with plans to introduce more on a regular basis.

Subscriptions, back issues, and downloads are all available in our new online store.

We hope these announcements, introductions, and changes will help us serve our readers for years to come. Please let us know what you think, and how we can continue to grow!