Former Juiced.GS editor Ryan Suenaga passes

Ryan Suenaga

When Max Jones, founding editor of Juiced.GS, was no longer able to continue publishing the magazine, he thought that’d be the end of his Apple II publication. The entire run would’ve spanned six years and two dozen issues.

His readers and writers wouldn’t hear of it. They rallied to carry the torch, headed by publisher Eric Shepherd and editor Ryan Suenaga, an arrangement that lasted another sixteen issues, shaped the future of Juiced.GS, and allowed it to continue to this day.

Sadly, Juiced.GS must now continue without one of its greatest advocates. Ryan Suenaga, an eclectic athlete, was hiking in his native Hawai’i yesterday when he suffered a fatal fall. He leaves behind a mother, aunt, sister, niece, and many, many friends.

Ryan did not attend KansasFest 2010. The last time I spoke with him was June 16, 2010, when he recorded a podcast with me and Max Jones. All three editors of Juiced.GS reminisced about the magazine’s founding and evolution and their hopes for its future. The podcast was published on July 4, 2010, and now exists as the last episode of the A2Unplugged show ever. A link to it was not previously published here due to the promise of “show notes to follow.” That is now one of many voids left in our community.

Even if you never knew Ryan, you knew his work — within the Apple II community alone, he was a writer, editor, podcaster, programmer, event director, community developer, social media enthusiast, and more. To others, he was a social worker, brother, uncle, caretaker, financial advisor, and athlete. You can get a glimpse of him in this page from Juiced.GS Volume 10, Issue 3 (September 2005).

Our community, our lives, and our world are richer for having had Ryan in it.

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