Honoring Max Jones

The history of Juiced.GS is one that involves the names and faces of many Apple II users who over the years have contributed to its success and survival. But none of them would’ve had the opportunity if not for the vision and initiative of one man: Max Jones.

It was Max who in 1996 identified a need in the Apple II community for a regular publication to bring news, reviews, how-tos, and interviews to the masses. His background in the print industry made him the ideal candidate to create the product that would fill that vacuum:

Virtually unknown in the Apple II world, Jones used his page layout prowess honed through hours on the powerful desktop publishing program QuarkXPress to create his uniquely named publication… The reception the prototype Juiced.GS received from the Apple II world was the virtual equivalent of a standing ovation. Even experienced users of AppleWorks GS were stunned at the professional appearance of the prototype publication. From the very start, Juiced.GS had the look of a winner.

After six amazing volumes, Max passed the editorial and publishing reins of Juiced.GS in 2001 upon his promotion to editor-in-chief of Indiana’s Terre Haute Tribune-Star daily newspaper. Recognizing the opportunity this position would present to him but also the lack of time now available to dedicate to the Apple II, he graciously let Juiced.GS continue without his day-to-day involvement, allowing it to survive and thrive to this day. For this and more, Juiced.GS‘s readers and friends have thanked (and roasted) Max many times over the years

Max Jones with HSPA award
Tribune-Star editor Max Jones poses with his traveling award and the plaque he will keep.

Finally, Max’s talent and fame have been acknowledged by the wider newspaper industry as well. On Thursday, February 16, 2012, the 79-year-old Hoosier State Press Association presented Max with the 2011 Distinguished Service Award, its top award for service to the HSPA. Max earned the award through his work with and dedication to not only the Tribune-Star, but the readership it serves. At the awards ceremony, it was clear that the qualities Max brings to the Apple II are ones he shares with his local community as well:

“Sometimes a person shows up in leadership roles in so many different organizations, one takes it for granted he or she will be involved in the next large project,” said Tim Timmons, president of the HSPA board of directors who presented the award. “Max Jones is one of those people.”

Of course, this doesn’t come as a surprise to Juiced.GS‘s readers and staff. “Max is obviously a huge benefactor to the Apple II community, with his creation, Juiced.GS, still helping connect Apple II users to the latest news,” said Eric Shepherd, staff writer and former publisher of Juiced.GS. “But he’s also a heck of a nice guy. That’s quite a combination: major-league decency combined with great humor and helping our community grow and stay together over the years.”

We couldn’t agree more. Congratulations, Max! Your professionalism and contributions have made you a pillar of any community honored to count you as a friend. Thank you for everything you’ve done for so many.