Bring your Apple II work

The Apple II is a quirky hobby, one that friends and family of its community don’t always “get”. But that’s okay with us — we wear our Apples on our sleeves, proudly displaying logos, computers, and magazines where others can ask us about our pastime.

Juiced.GS subscriber Ionfarmer recently went out of his way to draw attention to his retrocomputing — but not without impetus. “I work in an environment that has a long historical story in the semiconductor industry; as such, there are many who can discuss the way things used to be,” he writes. “My historical interest in technology allowed me to be a welcome addition to the environment.”

With that in mind, Ionfarmer decided to stream his company’s YouTube channel … to his Apple IIc. Such a trick is made possible with the vnIIc software for Windows and a serial connection to the Apple II. Going a bit meta, he shot a video of the video:

“The video being displayed is a graphic demonstration of an ion implanter beam implanting ions in a silicon wafer,” writes Ionfarmer. But note that, before his gets to the main attraction, he can’t help but toss in a gratuitous plug for Juiced.GS, with the March 2012 issue among his workplace reading material. How cool!

The video was well-received among his co-workers, too:

A few of the 1337 people in the office were intrigued right away, and as soon as one of the web developers saw it, my cube became a destination for the next couple of days.  My boss eventually saw it, but did not comment, and overall the visitors that realize that an Apple IIc is not supposed to stream YouTube want to know how I did it. Overall, the setup was well received, and resulted in the solidifying my AlphaGeek status.

Nicely done, sir! Kudos to you for keeping the Apple II (and Juiced.GS!) active in people’s thoughts.