Sponsoring 8 Bit Weapon, ComputeHer & IFComp

Juiced.GS relies on an active Apple II community for us to have products and events to report. We are thrilled to return the favor by supporting those groups who continuously further the retrocomputing community.

8 Bit Weapon

Chiptune artists 8 Bit Weapon and ComputeHer have become renowned as the premier musicians to use Apple II computers as instruments in their musical performances. They are soon to take their show on the road to Europe, and Juiced.GS is a proud sponsor of their tour. Catch them in Manchester, UK, September 12–15, 2013.

Want more? You can read our interview with Seth Sternberger (alias 8 Bit Weapon) in Juiced.GS Volume 12, Issue 4; our review of his album Electric High EP in Volume 14, Issue 3; and a review of DMS Drummer, an Apple II music synthesizer produced in collaboration with Michael J. Mahon, in Volume 17, Issue 1. Watch future issues of Juiced.GS for news and behind-the-scenes looks at their upcoming Apple II role-playing game, Lawless Legends!

Interactive Fiction Competition 2013

As last year, Juiced.GS is also proud to support the annual Interactive Fiction Competition, or IFComp. Text adventures have been around only slightly longer than the Eamon adventure system for the Apple II, with our favorite retrocomputing platform doing much to further the genre. IFComp continues that tradition by encouraging today’s programmers and storytellers to use interactive fiction to tell new tales.

Deadline for contestant registration is September 1, with winners having a choice of prizes that includes both a subscription to Juiced.GS as well as our Interactive Fiction Concentrate PDF that compiles all Juiced.GS‘s text adventure coverage across the years.

Our thanks to all that these groups do to keep the Apple II alive. If you or a group you’re associated with would also like to work with Juiced.GS, please contact us!