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Ten years ago, Vince Briel took it upon himself to create a functional clone of Steve Wozniak's original Apple-1 microcomputer. The result, the Replica 1, has over the years become the de facto approach for replicating the Apple-1 experience in hardware. The product has evolved over multiple iterations in which Briel has streamlined the board and added new features to bridge the gap between classic functionality and modern usability.

In the cover story for the December 2013 issue, writer Paul Hagstrom reviewed the clone's fourth and latest model, the Replica 1 Ten, commemorating the original model's tenth anniversary. You'll have to read his article to find out what he thought of Briel Computers' new device, but you can see in the gallery below the photo shoot to which Hagstrom subjected his Replica 1 Ten.

This gallery showcases the differences between the Replica 1 TE (Third Edition) and its successor and demonstrates that both have a place in a modern computing environment. Find more details at the Briel Computers website.

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