A Minecraft Juiced.GS

Steve Weyhrich has garnered many a mention in Juiced.GS, thanks to his exhaustive work documenting the history of the Apple II, both on his website and in his hardcover book, Sophistication & Simplicity. He’s also earned roughly a half-dozen bylines in our publication, lending his historical insights to reviews of books, chronologies of companies, and the history of programming languages.

One of his many passions and talents that Juiced.GS has not yet acknowledged is Steve’s mastery of Minecraft, the world-building game that’s now available for nearly every modern computer and gaming platform. In this three-dimensional, first-person-perspective sandbox world, gamers can build almost anything they can imagine, from castles to roller coasters to spaceships.

What’s most on Steve’s imagination is the Apple II, as evidenced by the model retrocomputer he built in Minecraft in 2011. Unsatisfied with that work and with six more years of experience under his belt, Steve recently revisited that model and re-created it to be bigger and better than ever.

This model extends beyond the computer, capturing the full environment in which the machine should be appreciated. Steve’s latest creation includes such accessories as a joystick, dot-matrix printer, a floppy-disk notcher — and Juiced.GS.

Minecraft Juiced.GS
As seen at 11:01 in the above video!

For being so blocky, it’s not a bad likeness of the original. Thanks, Steve, for translating our magazine to the world of Minecraft!