Women in Games at The Strong Museum of Play

This month’s Juiced.GS cover story is about women who designed or developed games for the Apple II. The article was written by Shannon Symonds, curator at The Strong Museum of Play, which currently has an exhibit of women in games.

Coincidentally, just two days after the issue shipped, Juiced.GS editors Ken Gagne and Andy Molloy found themselves at the The Strong Museum in Rochester, New York. It was a brief visit that consisted primarily of donating various programs, gadgets, and artifacts to the museum’s archives, but there was still time to wander through the Women in Games exhibit and snap these photos. Many names from our cover story, including Roberta Williams, Lucia Grossberger Morales, and Dani Bunten Berry, were referenced throughout the museum.

The exhibit was originally due to be closed in May 2019, but it has remained open by popular demand. It will become a permanent fixture of The Strong upon completion of a planned expansion to the museum. We recommend you visit this institution and exhibit, should the opportunity present itself!

For more information about The Strong and its Women in Games exhibit, listen to Juiced.GS editor Ken Gagne interview Shannon Symonds in this episode of the Polygamer podcast.

For more photos from this visit The Strong, see the blogs Apple II Bits and Gamebits.

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  1. […] Among the new exhibits was Women in Games, which I'd interviewed curator Shannon Symonds about earlier this year on the Polygamer podcast. The exhibit features not only how women (like Lara Croft) are depicted in video games, but also the many women who have contributed to the medium, such as Roberta Williams, Carol Shaw, and ZoĆ« Quinn. Some photos of that exhibit are here, while I've posted others on the Juiced.GS website. […]

  2. […] my photos from the Women in Games exhibit, visit the Juiced.GS website. For yet more Strong photos, visit […]

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