Sophistication & Simplicity ebook now available

Sophistication & Simplicity

Two years ago, we partnered with Steve Weyhrich to bring his hardcover book, Sophistication & Simplicity, to the Juiced.GS online store. Since then, many of you have enjoyed autographed editions of this comprehensive history of the Apple II computer.

Steve’s chronicle spans multiple decades across hundreds of pages, making it the ultimate historical reference. Despite exhaustive footnotes and an index, we appreciate that finding just the right person, place, or moment in time in a hardcopy book can be difficult! And with global shipping now being delayed due to the pandemic, getting your hands on the book in the first place can take longer than desired.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the immediate availability of the ebook edition of Sophistication & Simplicity. The PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats are available as a single bundle for just $15.

Although the ebook edition does not come with the author’s signature, the autographed hardcover is still available — on sale the week of KansasFest 2020 for $10, after which its new, permanent price will be $15.

Read what others are saying about Sophistication & Simplicity:

“This is a fabulous book. Written by a well-known expert in Apple II history, Sophistication & Simplicity is clear and insightful, full of interesting anecdotes and stories, and on top of everything is a beautifully-presented book. It’s a great addition to my bookshelf.” – Eric Shepherd

“Weyhrich’s book is at its best when he is sharing little known behind-the-scenes stories about the history of the Apple II, its development, success, and decline.” – Steve Sarrica

“A must-have for Apple II fans.” – Mark Scheuern

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