Juiced.GS continues in 2023

Juiced.GS will continue to be the longest-running print publication dedicated to the Apple II in 2023, when it publishes its 28th volume.

“With fifteen consecutive years of growth, the annual decision to publish for another year was clear,” said Ken Gagne, the magazine’s editor and publisher. “We’re thrilled to continue providing the Apple II community with this unique product. Whether you’re looking for the latest emulation techniques, reviews of the newest hardware, or interviews with historical figures, Juiced.GS has something for everyone.”

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We’re bursting with excitement for our 28th year!

Existing subscriptions will automatically renew on January 1, 2023, at our same great prices: $20 in the United States, $25 in Canada & Mexico, and $28 everywhere else. New subscribers can sign up today for a subscription starting immediately or in 2023. Subscription status and shipping addresses can be confirmed by logging into your account in the Juiced.GS online store.

Want to catch up on our history of timeless content? PDF editions of our back issue bundles of volumes 1–10 and volumes 11–20 are each 20% off through the end of July. Each 10-year bundle includes 40 issues and over 800 pages of Apple II reviews, interviews, and how-tos for only $64.

If the magazine’s wealth of programming tutorials has you eager to start coding, Kelvin Sherlock’s Golden Gate is an essential tool. Get it this month only for 50% off — only $5!

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“As we approach another year of Juiced.GS, I asked Buzzfeed what will be so great about being 28. It said, ‘You will have a renewed excitement in your life because you’ll cram in new, exciting adventures before you turn 30’,” said Gagne. “It’s true! We have tons of great stories to tell in the coming issues, including how to detect a forged floppy, interviews with renowned graphics programmers, a continued look behind the scenes at A2Stream, and more Arduino tricks. There’s plenty to be excited about!”

The staff of Juiced.GS looks forward to providing the Apple II community with another year of news, features, and tutorials. Apple II Forever!