2010 Wall Calendar

To commemorate its 15th year of publication, Juiced.GS created a full-color wall calendar that features pictures of Apple II hardware, software, and people seen in past issues of Juiced.GS.  The calendar also marks significant dates in the Apple II’s life, such as the founding of Apple Computer Inc., the release of AppleWorks 1.0, the first broadcast of an Apple II-specific podcast, and the dates for KansasFest 2010.

The first run of this product was introduced at the KansasFest 2009 vendor fair, and the second run sold out out the following holiday season. No more of this calendar will be produced, but watch for other limited specials!

[foogallery id=”71974″]

A second calendar was printed for year 2013, debuting at KansasFest 2012. This calendar is out of stock as of Sep 4, 2012.