January 13, 2018 · Comments Off on How do I know if I need to renew?

If you've signed up for a subscription that automatically renews, it will be listed in your account under "Subscriptions". No further action is needed on your part!

If you have a one-year-only subscription, we'll send you many reminders:

  1. Included with your September issue will be a flyer touting the benefits of renewing.
  2. In November, you'll receive a black-and-white postcard with an address form you can fill out to renew.
  3. Your December issue will have a label on the envelope indicating "You still need to renew!"
  4. Finally, in April, you'll receive a color postcard showing off the latest March issue, reminding you that you've missed out.

If you ever wish to opt out of these postal communications, please contact us.

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