January 13, 2018 · Comments Off on Why isn't the magazine available as a PDF?

We recognize the many benefits of publishing in PDF format: color printing, easy indexing, affordable publication, and fast distribution. That's why the first ten years of Juiced.GS are available in both hardcopy and as PDFs, and selected content from throughout our history are available in exclusive PDFs.

New issues of Juiced.GS are not available as PDF for several reasons:

  • Most magazines derive their revenue from advertising and thus must go where the advertisers are: online. By contrast, 99% of Juiced.GS's revenue is derived from subscription fees, allowing us more autonomy.
  • In the last decade, our print subscriber base has sextupled, representing an obvious demand for receiving Apple II news, reviews, interviews, and how-tos in the mail.
  • The more print subscribers Juiced.GS has, the more of an economical volume discount we get to print our magazine. If a significant portion of our readers switched to a PDF-only format, it would jeopardize the feasibility of the print edition.
  • A print publication that sits on a coffee table commands your attention, whereas a PDF is easy to file away and be forgotten.
  • There are hundreds of websites about the Apple II, but only one print magazine. We prefer to fill that otherwise unmet need with a unique, high-quality product.
  • There's something special about being the last remaining print publication dedicated to the Apple II. If we were to go out of print, it would spell the end of an era, not just for Juiced.GS, but for the entire community.

Also, we hate trees.

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