Volume 1, Issue 1 (Winter 1996)

Juiced.GS Volume 1, Issue 1 (Winter 1996)
1-2,4-6Cover storyThe Roller-Coaster Ride of '95Max JonesSummary of 1995
3GreetinGSWe have liftoff!Max JonesWelcome to the premiere edition of Juiced.GS
7-8Cover storySurvey Says...Max JonesSurvey of IIGS readers of highlights of last year
9-11FeatureThe Lost Generation of the IIGSMax JonesA closer look at the Mark Twain
12-15ReviewResearch stationMax JonesDiscQuest Encyclopedia 2.0
16-18ReviewFacing the faxTim KellersPMPFax
19-21Shareware SpotlightCatch a WAV!Max JonesrSounder 3.0, Megabox 2.0.1, SoundIt! 1.0
22-24DumplinGSNews from the Apple II worldMax JonesGraphicWriter III 2.0 shipping, KFest 96, Caltech FTP closes, AUGE CD #1 almost sold out, potential Golden Orchard sequel, Wolf3D progress, other Apple II publications, SecondSight update, QuickDraw II hack, GS/TCP
23II Be Named LaterPower for the PeopleRyan SuenagaApple II isn't dead