Volume 1, Issue 2 (Spring/Summer 1996)

Juiced.GS Volume 1, Issue 2 (Spring/Summer 1996)
1-6Cover storyExpanding the 'NetMax JonesDerek Taubert & GS/TCP
7My Home PageHitting the road to get the storyMax JonesJuiced.GS status, how to get full Taubert interview
8-9HardwareA story about little people and a bad connectorM.H. "Buzz" BesterThe Apple repair bench
9-10Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.CD-ROM advice, article suggestions
11-14ReviewTurning a new pageMax JonesGraphicWriter III v2.0
14ReviewEGO Systems offers new translatorsMax JonesEGO Systems' GraphicWriter III translators
15-17Shareware SpotlightA little razzle-dazzleMax JonesGS Entertainment v4.3.2, PuyoPuyo v1.0
18-20DumplinGSNews from the Apple II worldMax JonesKFest, Spectrum XCMDs, Twilight II update progress, Apple II users at Logicware
19II Be Named LaterWhen loyalty fails, try perserveranceRyan SuenagaApple II fans are like Cleveland Browns fans