Volume-1-Issue-3 Page: 2-6
Type: Cover story
Author: Max Jones
Headline: Sharing the experience
Sub-headline: Apple users carry on KFest's traditions
Synopsis: KFest '96

Page: 7-8
Type: Cover story
Author: Max Jones
Headline: Gus meets Mac
Sub-headline: Apple alliance bridges technological divide
Synopsis: KFest '96: Gus brings IIGS emulation to the Mac

Page: 10
Type: Cover story
Author: Max Jones
Headline: Preserving a computer … and a community
Synopsis: KFest '96: Preserving the Apple II community

Page: 11-12
Type: Cover story
Author: Max Jones
Headline: KFest after hours…
Sub-headline: Official program tells only half the story
Synopsis: KFest '96 after hours

Page: 13
Type: Cover story
Author: Max Jones
Headline: Processing peripheral
Sub-headline: IIGS user discovers joys of the AlphaSmart Pro
Synopsis: KFest '96: AlphaSmart Pro

Page: 14
Type: My Home Page
Author: Max Jones
Headline: Keeping the Apple II spirit alive
Synopsis: KFest '96 reflections, renewal drive, Seven Hills ad

Page: 15-18
Type: Review
Author: Tim Kellers
Headline: Looking in on Second Sight
Sub-headline: Video card from Sequential a sight for sore eyes
Synopsis: Second Sight

Page: 19
Type: Advertisement
Author: Seven Hills

Page: 20-21
Type: Shareware Spotlight
Author: Max Jones
Headline: Lambda, GUPP to the rescue
Sub-headline: Save the hostages, save your system
Synopsis: Operation Lambda, GUPP

Page: 22-24
Type: DumplinGS
Author: Max Jones
Headline: News from the Apple II world
Synopsis: GS/TCP progress, Ninjaforce Bomberman, Kerwood websites, Marin MacroWorks new TimeOut utilities, CheckWorks 5, SSII CDs, Charles Hartle shareware now freeware

Page: 23
Type: II Be Named Later
Author: Ryan Suenaga
Headline: Recharging the batteries
Synopsis: Recharging the batteries at KFest 96