Page: 2
Type: My Home Page
Author: Max Jones
Headline: On-line' is the heart of A2 world
Synopsis: Telecom & Delphi

Page: 3
Type: Letters
Author: Misc.
Headline: Letters from the Land of ROM
Synopsis: Doug Pendleton on SecondSight review, Iomega ZIP advice

Page: 4-5
Type: Cover story
Author: Max Jones
Headline: Delphi
Synopsis: Delphi and the Apple II

Page: 6-9
Type: Telecommunications
Author: Tim Kellers
Headline: UNIX paves the way
Sub-headline: Text OS gives GS on-ramp to the Internet
Synopsis: Unix and shell access from the IIGS

Page: 9
Type: Cover story
Author: Max Jones
Headline: Program edging closer to reaching Spectrum goal
Synopsis: KFest '96: Spectrum v2.1 unveiled

Page: 10-11
Type: Reviews
Author: Max Jones
Headline: Widening the Spectrum
Sub-headline: IIGS users still have a 'compelling program'
Synopsis: Spectrum v2.1

Page: 12
Type: Review
Author: Tim Kellers
Headline: ANSI lends support to Second Sight
Synopsis: ANSI 1.3 Spectrum display for Second Sight

Page: 13
Type: Desktop Publishing
Author: Dave Bennett
Headline: Good design doesn't just 'happen'
Synopsis: Good design: balance, proportion, contrast, unity

Page: 14-15
Type: Hardware
Author: Stephen Buggie
Headline: Power-boosting the IIGS
Sub-headline: A how-to guide for ending low-power hassles
Synopsis: Boosting the IIGS power supply

Page: 16
Type: Hardware
Author: M.H. "Buzz" Bester
Headline: Maintaining your ImageWriter
Sub-headline: Preventative steps can keep printer in top form
Synopsis: Maintaining your Imagewriter

Page: 17-19
Type: Shareware Spotlight
Author: Max Jones
Headline: Stargazing with Tonight's Sky GS
Synopsis: Tonight's Sky GS v4.3, Sorry

Page: 20
Type: Advertisement
Author: Seven Hills

Page: 21-24
Type: DumplinGS
Author: Max Jones
Headline: Sweet celebration for the IIGS …
Synopsis: Wolf3D, LemminGS, Gus & Fast Eddie, SuperConvert v4.0, Music Composer v4.0, SecondSight hack, GS/TCP progress, EGO hours, TAB renewals, KFest '97 dates

Page: 23
Type: II Be Named Later
Author: Ryan Suenaga
Headline: A Retrogrouch in a Technoweenie world
Synopsis: Technoweenies