Volume 12, Issue 1 (March 2007)

Volume 12, Issue 1 (March 2007)
2My Home PageOf Trackballs and MenKen GagneApologies for layout errors, call for contributors, welcome to new writers (Mark Percival, Mike Maginnis, Kelvin Sherlock), Ken's first anniversary as Editor-in-Chief, Apple II turns 30, looking forward to KansasFest
3-5Behind the ScenesMark PercivalDiskMaker 8 development
5AdvertisementVintage Computer FestivalVCF East 4.0
6-9MusinGSCarrington VanstonCarrington VanstonInterview with Carrington Vanston by Evil Carrington Vanston
9AdvertisementSyndicommThe Definitive GS+: Volumes 1-3
10Meet the StaffGeoff WeissGeoff Weiss
11-12ReviewSamuraiMike MaginnisSamurai IRC client from Ninjaforce
12-15Tech-torialUsing Window Menu BarsKelvin SherlockUsing window menu bars in a program
16RetrospectiveLooking Back to 1977Andrew MolloyA look back at the Apple II's debut
17AdvertisementCall-A.P.P.L.E.The Complete Call-A.P.P.L.E. 2-DVD Set
18-19DumplinGSMaking Connections in 2007KansasFest 2007 registration opens, Ewen Wannop announces SNAP usenet program for IIGS, 5.25" USB floppy drive in development, replacement Integer/Applesoft BASIC ROM board for Apple II+ available from Garberstreet, cassette interface board for Replica-1 in development, Apple IIe parts X-rayed, Virtual ][ emulator updated to v5.7, CiderPress updated, computer case discoloration studied in depth
19Random NumbersTime FliesEric ShepherdApple II 30 years later
20AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKansasFest 2007

Carrington Vanston interview

1 MHz! Podcast
Carrington Vanston’s excellent monthly podcast for Apple II users.

Duck Duck Goose
Carrington’s opus of film production.

Movie Punks
A thrice-weekly, now retired web comic.

Window Menu Bars

Sample Code
ORCA/C code, working NDA, and more.

Window Information Bar Use
Official Apple IIGS Technical Note #3.

Desk Accessories and Tools
Official Apple IIGS Technical Note #53.

DA Tips and Techniques
Official Apple IIGS Technical Note #71.

Kelvin Sherlock’s Web site
Author of GShisen, Silver Platter, and PNG Floyd.

Products discussed in this issue

DiskMaker 8
Mark Percival’s 8-bit utility for converting disk images to disks.

Ninjaforce’s Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client in Classic Desk Accessory (CDA) format.

Speccie’s News Acquisition Program, an NNTP client, by Ewen Wannop.

Device Side Data
Developers of a USB 5.25″ floppy drive.

Dual ROM board for Apple II+
Switch between Applesoft and Integer BASIC with ease. By Garberstreet Enterprises.

Vince Briel’s Apple-1 clone, now with cassette interface.

Virtual II
Gerard Putter’s excellent 8-bit Apple II emulator for Mac OS X.

Access ShrinkIt archives and more from Windows. By Andy McFadden.

Web sites mentioned in this issue

Annual Apple II convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

KansasFest Online Store
Shop for KFest 2007 shirts, hats, and mugs.

The Computist Project
Mike Maginnis’ online archive of Computist and Hardcore Computist magazines.

Apple IIe x-ray images
Grant Stockly’s X-rays images of an Apple IIe.

Why Apples Lose Their Color
An analysis of the composition and breakdown of computer cases.