Volume 14, Issue 2 (June 2009)

Volume 14, Issue 2 (June 2009)
2My Home PageCompanyKen GagneJuiced.GS Web site remodel, Juiced.GS's "lost" issues re-released, Juiced.GS and former publisher Syndicomm: who distributes what, 20th annual KansasFest is just around the corner, welcome new writer Martin Haye
3-4Cover ][ CoverAndrew MolloyBook review of Apple-1 Replica Creation: Back to the Garage by Tom Owad
5-9MusinGSR&D on the Apple FrontierMike MaginnisInterview with Bob Bishop, early Apple employee and programmer
9AdvertisementSyndicommKansasFest 2009 teaser
10Behind the ScenesPassing the Memory Tester TestGeoff WeissA look at Mega Memory Tester
11ReviewThanks for the MemoryEwen WannopBriel Computers' GS RAM card
12-14Tips & TricksInteger BASIC's Top TenMartin HayeA closer look at Integer BASIC
15-17RetrospectiveJobs Worth DoingPeter Watson, Martin Haye, Ewen Wannop, Dave Ciotti, Eric Shepherd, Robert Kenyon, Geoff Weiss, Ken GagneUsers discuss how the Apple II has influenced their careers
18-19DumplinGSMaking ConnectionsKansasFest 2009 sneak peek, Mt. Keira Fest announced to coincide with KansasFest, Lost Classics Project resurrected by Tony Diaz, Apple II podcasts dormant but not dead, Retrobits podcast on general retrocumputing topics, Zork now available as online game at Jolt Online Gaming, interview with Infocom legend Dave Lebling posted online, Lode Runner franchise history now has a Web page
19Random NumbersMaking HeadwayEric ShepherdCatching up on Syndicomm back orders, continuing development on Sweet16
20AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKansasFest XX

Review: Back to the Garage

Apple Fritter
Author Tom Owad’s Apple site.

Replica 1
Vince Briel’s replica of the original Apple-1.

Tips & Tricks: Integer Basic

Q&A with Steve Wozniak
Woz’s reflections on creating Integer BASIC.

Apple II System Masters
Integer BASIC is included in the DOS 3.3 System Master disk.

Other sites mentioned in this issue

Bob Bishop’s homepage
Creator of APPLE-VISION and many other early Apple II programs.

Geoff Weiss’s comprehensive memory testing utility.

Vince Briel’s GS-RAM memory expansion card.


Annual Apple II convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Apple II Lost Classics Project
Home of formerly commercial, now reclassified software.

A podcast dedicated to retrocomputing.

A podcast dedicated to classic Apple computers.

Legends of Zork
Interview with Zork creator Dave Lebling.

Lode Runner
A history of Doug Smith’s game franchise.