Volume 14, Issue 4 (December 2009)

Volume 14, Issue 4 (December 2009)
2My Home PagePerchance to PrintKen GagneWhy Juiced.GS isn't going digital -- yet
3-4Cover ][ CoverAndy MolloyReview: Twisty Little Passages, by Nick Montfort
5-6Reel ][ ReelA Documentary for the Rest of UsKen GagneReview: Welcome to Macintosh (DVD)
6-7ReviewRyan SuenagaThe APDA Apple II Software Library, APDA Apple II Reference Library, and APDA Apple IIGS System 6.0 Golden Master
8-11MusinGSHardware HuddleKen GagneTalking hardware with Vince Briel, Tony Diaz, Rich Dreher, Alex Freed, and Glenn Jones
12-13Behind the ScenesSword of SodanAntoine VignauCreating a new demo of the Sword of Sodan game
14-17Tech-torialApplesoft Made ModernIvan DruckerHow to code in Structured Applesoft BASIC
18Meet the StaffIvan DruckerIvan DruckerIvan Drucker
19DumplinGSStars of Stage and ScreenKen GagneMark Simonsen to keynote KFest 2010; Jason Scott's GET LAMP documentary to be released; laptop IIGS project underway; Transylvania released for iPhone and MULE online
20Random NumbersTangibilityEric ShepherdThe appeal of keeping Juiced.GS as a hardcopy publication

Product reviews

Twisty Little Passages
Nick Montfort’s academic work on interactive fiction (IF).

Welcome to Macintosh
A DVD documentary about Apple and its products.

APDA Apple II Reference Library, APDA Apple II Software Library, and Apple IIGS System 6.0 Golden Master CD-ROMs, from Syndicomm.


Briel Computers
Vince Briel, creator of the Apple-1 clone known as the Replica I.

16 Sector
Home of Tony Diaz’s Sirius RAM and Focus IDE cards.

R&D Automation
Rich Dreher, designer of the CompactFlash For Apple (CFFA) card.

Alex Freed of Carte Blanche fame.

Glenn Jones and his Uthernet Ethernet card.

Behind the Scenes

Brutal Deluxe Software
An Apple II programming group, including Antoine Vignau and his Sword of Sodan project.

Sword of Sodan
Homepage of the classic game’s original creator.

Sword of Sodan walkthrough
A YouTube video showing the entire game played beginning to end.


A freeware text editor for the Macintosh, related to BBEdit.

Virtual II
Gerard Putter’s excellent 8-bit Apple II emulator for Mac OS X.

A sample Structured Applesoft program and a BASIC language module for TextWrangler, packaged as a SHK archive (also available as a ZIP file).


Apple II convention in Kansas City, Missouri, coming July 20–25.

PAX East 2010
Penny Arcade Expo being held in Boston, March 26–28.

Get Lamp
Jason Scott’s upcoming documentary about text adventures and interactive fiction.

Apple IIGS Laptop Project
Hardware hackers around the world collaborating on a new form factor for the Apple II.

A gothic horror adventure game for the Apple II, now available for the iPhone.

Planet M.U.L.E.
A multiplayer Apple II game, now free and updated with Internet play.