Volume 15, Issue 1 (March 2010)

Volume 15, Issue 1 (March 2010)
2My Home PageLosses and GainsKen GagneJoe Kohn
3-5ReviewEric ShepherdiPhone games: Chopper, Oregon Trail, Crystal Quest
6-9Juiced.GS TributeIn Memoriam: Joe KohnRyan Suenaga, Ray MacAnally, Steve Gozdziewski, Richard Bennett, Geoff Weiss, Max JonesRemembering Joe Kohn
10-13ReviewFinally, USB for the Apple IIMike MaginnisReview of the iDisk USB and Bluetooth card
14-17ConnectionsExchanging Files with the Apple IIEwen Wannop, Geoff WeissInternet-based file transfers tutorial
18-21Tech-torialHardcore ApplesoftIvan DruckerStructured Applesoft, part II
22Meet the StaffMartin HayeMartin HayeMartin Haye
23-24DumplinGSA Haven for ProgrammersKen GagneKansasFest 2010, NakedOS & Super-Mon, FC5025, cAndy Android emulator, updates to ADTPro & Virtual II & MountIt, Get Lamp premiere & release
24Random NumbersVirtual RealityEric ShepherdExamining the distinction between real and emulated Apple II's

Review: Apple II games for Apple iPhone

A commercial game inspired by Choplister. Buy it from the iTunes store or try the free version.

Oregon Trail
An updated version of the original edutainment title. Buy it from the iTunes store.

Crystal Quest
Also known as Crystal Crazy, ported for the Apple iPhone. Buy it from the iTunes store.

Tribute to Joe Kohn

Shareware Solutions II
An online archive of Joe Kohn’s Apple II newsletter.

Juiced.GS tribute
A four-page collection of memories by Joe’s friends, as it appeared in this issue’s print edition.

Video tribute
Obituary, commentary, and video slide show.

Review: iDisk

USB and Bluetooth expansion card for the Apple II.


US Robotics V.92 external 56K fax modem
A dial-up modem compatible with the Apple II.

Uthernet card
An Ethernet card compatible with 8- and 16-bit Apple II computers.

A TCP/IP stack for the Apple IIGS.

A comprehensive 8-bit telecommunications program, now freeware.

Vendor of floppy disks of freeware telecommunications and Internet software.

TCP/IP-compliant and expandable telecom program for the Apple IIGS.

Apple II free software repository. See the “archivers” folders for ShrinkIt, BINSCII, and more.

Fox Valley Internet
An Internet service provider (ISP) that still offers dial-up and shell access.

Pine FAQ
How to use the popular Unix email client to transfer files.

Secure CoPy utility for Windows.


Supplements and corrections
Elaboration on the complex concepts of programming in Structured Applesoft, including sample code.


Annual Apple II convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

Super-Mon and NakedOS
Martin Haye’s system monitor utility and streamlined operating system.

A 5.25″ floppy disk drive controller with a USB interface.

Apple II emulator for Google Android mobile devices.

Create, transfer, and convert disk images between an Apple II and a modern machine.

Virtual II
Gerard Putter’s excellent 8-bit Apple II emulator for Mac OS X.

Brutal Deluxe’s GS/OS extension to mount disk images as actual volumes.

Get Lamp
Jason Scott’s upcoming documentary about text adventures and interactive fiction.