Volume 15, Issue 4 (December 2010)

Juiced.GS Volume 15, Issue 4 (December 2010)
2My Home PageScholarly PursuitsKen GagnePursuing a master's of publishing has made it easier to generate story ideas for Juiced.GS
3Apple MysteriesA Peek ProblemMartin HayeDetective Hugo Pomme and Col. Hexings contemplate how a PEEK could erase a floppy disk
4-8MusinGSRetailing the PastAndrew MolloyWayne Bibbens, retailer of Wayne's Computer and star of the Welcome to Macintosh documentary
9-11Behind the ScenesMachine Language Made BASICIvan DruckerThe creation of Slammer and Slaminator, which allows access to assembly commands from within Applesoft
12-13RetrospectiveApple III Forever?Mike MaginnisTechnologies implemented in the failed Apple III made their way into successful models of the Apple II
14-18ConnectionsThe Floppy Disk ShuffleTony Diaz, Ivan Drucker, Ken Gagne, Mike MaginnisHow to access Apple II floppy disks, removable media, hard disks, and disk images on modern computers
19-20DumplinGSDigital ReunionsKen GagneBob Bishop to keynote KFest 2011; Echoes of KFest and Retro Computing Roundtable podcasts debut; FTA reunion; Apple-1 sold at Christie's; Steve Wozniak at the Computer History Museum, on NPR, and on a trading card; and Leadlight Eamon text adventure
20Random NumbersDeveloping CommunityEric ShepherdVersion control tools are needed to make Apple II software development collaborative


Wayne’s Computer
Elbridge, New York-based retail store of Wayne Bibbens.

Old Apple Stuff
An Apple-centric subset of Wayne’s Web site.

Welcome to Macintosh
The documentary that launched Wayne Bibbens to stardom.

Behind the Scenes

Ivan Drucker’s method of issuing monitor commands from within Applesoft programs.

S.H. Lam Revisited
A programming routine that inspired Slammer.


Apple III Resources
A site of manuals, tech notes, and disk images for the Apple III.

The Apple III Resource
Apple III software, manuals, emulators, and links.

An email list for Apple III users.

Apple III Enthusiasts
A Facebook group for fans of the Apple III.

6502 Lane
Author Mike Maginnis’s Apple III blog.

Connections: Physical Media

A Windows program by Mediafour for accessing HFS-formatted volumes.

Apple II file and disk reader and translator for Windows.

Information about a rare Apple II card for the PC.

A 5.25″ floppy disk drive controller with a USB interface.

Firewire-to-SCSI converter
An expensive adapter from RATOC Systems.

USB-to-SCSI converter
An expensive adapter from RATOC Systems.

Apple Floppy Drives
An index of the many kinds of floppy drives made for Apple computers.

Media Wiki
Information about many kinds of Apple II media and cables.

David Schmidt’s commercial service for converting your disks for you.

Floppy Recovery
Kay Savetz’s commercial service for converting your disks for you.

Connections: Disk Images

Create, transfer, and convert disk images between an Apple II and a modern machine.

DiskMaker 8
Convert disk image files to real disks using your enhanced Apple IIe, IIc, or IIc Plus.

An 8-bit tool for creating disk images.

Eric Shepherd’s Apple IIGS utility for converting disks to images.

Eric Shepherd’s Apple IIGS utility for converting images to disks.

Ninjaforce’s utility lets you create and extract all kinds of disk images used by Apple II and IIGS emulators.

Antoine Vignau and Olivier Zardini’s utility for mounting disk images directly within GS/OS.

Saltine’s Super Transcopy
Converts disks to NIV images.

ProDOS archivers
File compression utilities, including ShrinkIt. Also available via FTP.

GS/OS archivers
File compression utilities, including GS ShrinkIt (GSHK). Also available via FTP.

Semi-Virtual Diskette
A piece of hardware that can store disk images in a way the Apple II can access.

USB and Bluetooth expansion card for the Apple II.


Apple II convention in Kansas City, Missouri, coming July 19–24, 2011.

Retro Computing Roundtable
David Greelish’s star-studded retrocomputing podcast.

FTA Wormz Party
Videos from a reunion of Apple II programmers, including the Free Tools Association.

Apple-1 Registry
Mike Willegal tracks and documents the whereabouts of the remaining Apple-1 computers.

Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing
A new exhibit at the Computer History Museum.

Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
Steve Wozniak dials into National Public Radio (NPR). Also available via iTunes.

A survival horror text adventure, based on Eamon, by Wade Clarke.