Volume 16, Issue 2 (June 2011)

Volume 16, Issue 2 (June 2011)
2My Home PageMahalo Means Thank YouKen GagneRemembering Ryan as he passed the Juiced.GS torch
3-5II the MaxGetting Started with the Apple IIMartin HayeChoosing an Apple II and equipping it with basic hardware and software; general fixes
6-10MusinGSThe Lord of Apple ManorMike MaginnisInterview with Don Worth of Beneath Apple Manor, Beneath Apple DOS
11-15Juiced.GS TributeMax Jones, Geoff Weiss, Tony Diaz, Andrew Roughan, Eric Shepherd, Richard Bennett, Kirk Mitchell, Doug Cuff, Sean FaheyMemories of Ryan Suenaga
16-17ConnectionsTerminal ApplicationStavros Karatsoridis, Geoff WeissUsing the Apple II as a dumb terminal
18-20ReviewAppleWorks RecreatedKen Gagne, Mike MaginnisModern-day word processors inspired by AppleWorks
21Behind the ScenesRewriting HistoryMelissa BarronHow to hack The Oregon Trail into 73H 0r3g0n 7r41L
22-23DumplinGSShopkeeper ShuffleKen GagneKansasFest session schedule; Syndicomm handover to Tony Diaz; ReactiveMicro.com on hiatus; Mike Willegal's Brain Board ships; NiftySpell updated; Don Lancaster's books now free PDFs; Apple II concert in Los Angeles; SmartPort Virtual Hard Drive
23Random NumbersChangesEric ShepherdHanding over Syndicomm to Tony Diaz of 16Sector

II the Max

A ProDOS-based graphic word processor from Beagle Bros. Also available via FTP.

A comprehensive 8-bit telecommunications program, now freeware.

Beagle Bros
Software from developer Beagle Bros, now freeware.

An exhaustive collection of freeware ProDOS games. Also available via FTP

Andy Nicholas’s Shrinkit v3.4 for creating and unpacking ShrinkIt files. Also available via FTP.

Create, transfer, and convert disk images between an Apple II and a modern machine.

David Schmidt’s commercial service for converting your disks for you.

Apple II programming books
From APDA, Byte Works, and others, now sold by Syndicomm.

Apple’s documentation
Scans of original manuals for Apple II products.

Drive head cleaning & alignment
Disk II floppy drive maintenance.

Apple II disk drive cleaning
YouTube video tutorial by David Schmidt.

A product for removing the yellow tint from your original hardware.


Don Worth
Author of Beneath Apple Manor, Beneath Apple DOS.


@rsuenaga Scholarship Fund
Benefits the University of Hawai’i, in memory of Ryan Suenaga.


Cables for connecting an Apple II to another computer.

Lost Classics
Home of ProTERM and MODEM.MGR.

Apple hacking for fun and profit
Paul Weinstein’s tutorial for using an Apple II as a terminal.


Distraction-free writing for Mac OS X and iOS.

A Windows “zenware” word processor.

Freeware word processor for Windows.

Dark Room
Unofficial Windows version of WriteRoom.

Deja IIx
Run AppleWorks Classic under Mac OS X.

Deja II
Run AppleWorks Classic under Mac OS Classic. Also available via FTP.

Disable your Internet connectivity to prevent distractions. Mac and Windows.

Disable access to social media to prevent distractions. Mac only.

Monitor your Internet activity to identify time-wasting trends.

Behind the Scenes

Oregon to 03RG0N patch
Martin Haye’s patch to turn Oregon Trail into Melissa Barron’s hacked 03RG0N TR41L.


Annual Apple II convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

Vendor of popular Apple II software, now managed by Tony Diaz of 16Sector.

Brain Board
Mike Willegal’s Apple-1 card for the Apple II.

Spellcheck NDA by Chris Vavruska, now freeware.

Don Lancaster
Free PDFs of Assembly Cookbook

Apple II Concert
Hosted by Chris Kallemyer and Jason Torchinsky of the Machine Project.

Smartport Virtual Hard Drive
Access USB via your floppy port.

Random Numbers

Software by Eric Shepherd.