Volume 16, Issue 3 (September 2011)

Volume 16, Issue 3 (September 2011)
2My Home PageMass AppealKen GagneJuiced.GS printing in 2012, Peter Neubauer as advertising director, ISSN, and file transfer Concentrate
3-6II the MaxJeff Blakeney, Ken GagneGetting started with the Apple IIGS
7-9ReviewMusic to your earsMichael KentVince Briel's A2MP3 card
10-14Event coverageThe Year After We Make ContactIvan DruckerThe highlights, divisions, and memories of KansasFest 2011.
15-17ReviewApple on the BrainPeter NeubauerThe Brain Board expansion card is a viable alternative to an actual Apple-1 or Replica I
18-19DumplinGSRevisiting the PastKen GagneKansasFest 2012 keynote speaker; Eric Shepherd's new software; Antoine Vignau's T40; Ewen Wannop's BASUG scans; Ron Wayne's autobiography; Jason Scott's Kickstarter
19Random NumbersThe Happy HackerEric ShepherdHacking the GS to create Trasher
20AdvertisementKansasFestGuess who's coming to KansasFest 2012?

II the Max

16-bit sound card for the Apple IIGS.

Sirius RAM
8 MB RAM card from 16Sector.

Vince Briel’s 4 MB RAM card, currently out of stock.

An Ethernet card compatible with 8- and 16-bit Apple II computers.

System 6.0.1
Free, legal downloads of the Apple IIGS operating system.

Convert disk image files to real disks using your IIGS.

DiskMaker 8
Convert disk image files to real disks using your enhanced Apple IIe, IIc, or IIc Plus.

Antoine Vignau and Olivier Zardini’s utility for mounting disk images directly within GS/OS.

Nathan Mates’ Grand Unified Patcher Program.

HFS Patch
Stabilize the Hierarchical File System translator (HFS FST) with this bug fix.

BeagleWrite GS
A GS/OS-based graphic word processor from Beagle Bros.

A collection of games for the Apple IIGS.

ProSel 16
“The first, best, and most complete hard disk management system for the Apple IIGS” by Glen Bredon.

Diagnostic codes
Decipher your Apple IIGS‘s self-test results.

BRAM batteries
Replacement batteries for your battery RAM.


Vince Briel’s hardware-based MP3 player for the Apple II.

80-column version
Michael Kent’s modification to the open-source software for the A2MP3 card.

Brain Board

Brain Board
Mike Willegal’s Apple-1 expansion card for the Apple II.

Wozanium Pack source code
Emulate the Brain Board!

Brain Board assembly
An hour-long video tutorial by Eric Rucker.

Brain Board demo
See the Brain Board in action.

Brain Board manual
Assembly and operations guide (PDF).

Wendell Sander
Apple-1 software recordings, ready for a music player like an iPod or iPhone.


Annual Apple II convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

Guess who’s coming to KansasFest?
John Romero! Photo by buzzpuzzle; use licensed under Creative Commons.

Sweet16, SideClick, and Trasher, all by Eric Shepherd.

Antoine Vignau’s 40-column text-screen editor.

Daniel Kruszyna’s gallery of T40 art.

Ewen Wannop’s scans of the British Apple Systems User Group’s publication.

Ronald G. Wayne
Apple co-founder and author of autobiography Adventures of an Apple Founder: Atari, Apple, Aerospace & Beyond.

Jason Scott’s Kickstarter
A fundraising campaign to produce three documentaries, including one about the 6502.