Volume 17, Issue 1 (March 2012)

Volume 17, Issue 1 (March 2012)
2My Home PageCommitment to the CanvasKen GagneThe Apple II has been a sandbox environment in which to learn professional life skills.
3-4Cover ][ CoverAndy MolloyDavid Greelish brings a classic magazine back into print with the paperback collection, The Complete Historically Brewed.
5-7Apple CoreGetting a KickstartKen GagneOnline crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and RocketHub are making Apple II projects more possible than ever.
8-9ReviewA Drummer in Your Apple IIIvan DruckerA review of 8 Bit Weapon and Michael J Mahon's DMS Drummer software.
10-13,16MusinGSBeagle Bros BrandtMike MaginnisAn interview with Randy Brandt, alumnus of Beagle Bros, Quality Computers, and JEM Software.
14-16ProgrammingLearning LogoPeter NeubauerLogo is a valuable tool for learning programming, whatever your skill level.
18-19DumplinGSReturn to CoreKen GagneKansasFest registration opens; Kelvin Sherlock releases Shrink-Fit X; Brutal Deluxe releases Fishhead; Ivan Drucker releases Slammer 1.1.1; Kim Howe reclassifies shareware as freeware; Steve Weyhrich begins writing an Apple II history book; David Greelish and Blake Patterson release Not Another Apple Podcast; Jordan Mechner revisits Karateka.
19Random NumbersOMG GadgetsEric ShepherdIt doesn't matter what the latest gadget is, Sheppy wants it.

Cover ][ Cover

The Complete Historically Brewed
David Greelish’s paperback reprint of his complete newsletter.

Apple Core

The leading crowdfunding platform for USA artists.

An online crowdfunding platform for creative projects.

The Jason Scott Sabbatical
Jason Scott’s first Kickstarter project, which funded the completion of the Get Lamp documentary.

The Jason Scott Documentary Three Pack
A second campaign to fund the simultaneous filming of three documentaries.

Bring a great computer history zine back to a new audience!
David Greelish’s Kickstarter to fund The Complete Historically Brewed.

Double Fine Adventure
Tim Schafer’s $3.3-million fundraiser for an original adventure game.

Wasteland 2
Brian Fargo’s Kickstarter campaign for a sequel to the Apple II RPG Wasteland.

Ultima – The Ultimate Collector’s Guide
Stephen Emond’s RocketHub project for an Ultima RPG companion book.

The Disko Apocalypse Tour!
8 Bit Weapon’s 2010 chiptune tour.

Hadean Lands: Interactive Fiction for the iPhone
Andrew Plotkin’s project to develop text adventures for iOS devices.

Rich Dreher’s CompactFlash For Apple, funded without crowdfunding.

Briel Computers
Vince Briel’s full-time business, ripe for a Kickstarter.

Other crowdfunding sites
For musicians, Australians, and others.


Apple II DMS Drummer Software
Chiptune music utility, from 8 Bit Weapon and Michael J. Mahon.


Randy Brandt
AppleWorks, Quality Computers, and Beagle Bros veteran.

Beagle Bros Software Repository
An archive of Beagle Bros software, now available for download as freeware.

Programming in Logo

The University of Berkeley Logo for many platforms.

3D Logo
By The ByteWorks and now sold by Syndicomm.


Annual Apple II convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

Shrink-Fit X
Kelvin Sherlock’s ShrinkIt decompressor for Mac OS X.

Brutal Deluxe’s file copying utility for GS/OS.

Ivan Drucker’s utility for using assembly routines from Applesoft BASIC.

Kim Howe
Freeware versions of Telnet NDA, Shipwrecked!, Yahtzee NDA, and Arachnid.

Apple II History
Steve Weyhrich’s history of the Apple II, coming soon in book format.

Not Another Apple Podcast?!
David Greelish and Blake Patterson’s podcast about Apple retail.

Jordan Mechner
Creator of Prince of Persia announces a reboot of its predecessor, Karateka.

Storytime with Jordan Mechner
Keynote speech at PAX East 2012, a gaming convention held April 6–8 in Boston, Massachusetts.