Volume 18, Issue 2 (June 2013)

Volume 18, Issue 2 (June 2013)
2My Home PageIn the Driver's SeatKen GagneBicycling and retrocomputing have more in common than you think.
3TidinGSGet off my lawn!Ivan DruckerApple's new MacPro continues the move away from expandable Apple products.
4-5,19ReviewPortable Punches & PuzzlesPaul HagstromKarateka Classic and Lode Runner Classic bring Apple II games to iOS with the original graphics and updated interfaces.
6-7Behind the ScenesDelayed LiftoffAntoine VignauNearly 30 years after it was developed, Zephyr finally sees publication. Here's how it went down.
8-12MusinGSAn Academic ViewKen GagneAn interview with Megan Gonzalez and Emily Kempf, conference services coordinators for Rockhurst University, host of KansasFest.
12-14ReviewClassic Keyboards: Back In StyleDavid SchmidtA review of Option8's RetroConnector keyboard shield, by Charles Mangin.
15Meet the StaffDavid SchmidtDavid SchmidtDavid Schmidt
16-17II's CompanyIt's in the GameSteven WeyhrichA look at the founding and popular early releases of Electronic Arts (EA). (Part 1/2)
18-19DumplinGSSecond ChancesKen GagneKansasFest, Oz KFest, and VCF Southwest this summer; CFFA3000's third run; Apple-1 sales & books; Dave Finnigan's e-book; Jobs movie trailer.
19Random NumbersWhy?Eric ShepherdWhen people ask Sheppy why he still uses an Apple II, this is the answer he gives.

Review: iOS games

Karateka Classic
Jordan Mechner’s original martial arts adventure.

Lode Runner Classic
Doug E. Smith’s original action-puzzle game.

Behind the Scenes

The 1987 8-bit action game, released by Brutal Deluxe in 2013.

Jean-Louis Le Breton
CEO of Froggy Software, original intended publisher of Zéphyr.

Richard Soberka
Programmer of Pleins Gaz and Zéphyr.


Rockhurst University
Host of KansasFest since 2005.

Review: RetroConnector

Developer and retailer of the RetroConnector keyboard shield.

Meet the Staff

Software by David Schmidt to create, transfer, and convert disk images between an Apple II and a modern machine.

Schmidt’s repository of all things Apple III.

Regular news updates from the Apple II world.

Vintage Computer Forums
Discussions about 8-bit Apple computers and clones.

Discussion of Apple II and /// computers and clones.

Discussions by and for Apple collectors.

68k Macintosh Liberation army
Apple I, ][, /// & Lisa discussions.

II’s Company

The Dot Eaters
Videogame history 101.

An index of all games published by Electronic Arts.

We See Farther
A history of Electronic Arts, by Jeffrey Fleming.


Annual Apple II convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

Oz KFest
A July 2013 convention held in Brisbane, Australia.

Vintage Computer Festival Southwest 3.0
A general retrocomputing convention held this August in Arlington, Texas.

Rich Dreher’s USB & SD input device, now entering its third run.

The First Apple
Robert J. Luther’s Kickstarter-funded book about the Apple-1 computer.

The New Apple II User’s Guide
David Finnigan’s monstrous compendium about the Apple II.

A film based on the live of Steve Jobs, hitting theaters on August 16.