Volume 19, Issue 1 (March 2014)

Volume 19, Issue 1 (March 2014)
2My Home PageStories Worth TellingKen GagneWhen The Moth storyslam came to Boston, Ken began drawing connections to the Apple II throughout his life, making for some surprising stories.
3-5Behind the ScenesBrian PicchiThe development of a programmer, from Applesoft Action to the assembly-powered Lamb Chops to Retro Fever.
6-10MusinGSProgrammed for LaughsKen GagneAl Lowe, formerly of Sierra On-Line, reflects on developing the Leisure Suit Larry point-and-click adventure franchise and its return in 2013 via Replay Games and Kickstarter.
10AdvertisementOpen Apple
11-13ReviewThe Joy of Sticks Brian WiserA review of the RetroConnector Joystick Shield and RetroConnector Joystick Interface adapters from Charles Mangin of Option8.
14-15Cover ][ CoverReviewing the Past Peter NeubauerA review of Sophistication & Simplicity, Steve Weyhrich's hardcover book detailing the history of the Apple II.
16,19TidinGSThe More Things Change... Ivan DruckerThe Macintosh, introduced in 1984, is not as different from the philosophy of the Apple II as pundits like to think.
17-18DumplinGSExpanded Opportunities Ken GagneMargot Comstock of Softalk to keynote KansasFest 2014; VCF 9.1; Swyft, Drew ][ TDX, Nishida Radio VGA, Apple II Pi, and Uthernet II cards; Silvern Castle and Dangerous Dave; stitch; Electric Duet and Penguin Software; CiderPress; Patrick McGovern; Steve Jobs stamp
19Random NumbersYou Learn Something New Eric ShepherdVisiting Antoine Vignau in France revealed previously unknown Apple II software.

My Home Page

The Moth
A public radio and podcast storyslam.

Behind the Scenes

Brian Picchi
Official homepage of Brian Picchi, developer of Lamb Chops!, Retro Fever, and other games.


Al LoweFormer Sierra On-Line employee and creator of the Leisure Suit Larry franchise.

Make Leisure Suit Larry come again!
The 2012 Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to remake the original Larry game.

Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded
A 2013 remake of the original Larry game.

Adventure Gamers
An interview with Al Lowe by Ingmar Böke, referenced in Juiced.GS.

Al Lowe at the Music and Gaming Festival, held in National Harbor, Maryland, Jan 2–5, 2014.

Review: RetroConnector Joystick Shield & Interface

Charles Mangin’s online store for RetroConnector keyboard and joystick adapters.

RetroConnector Joystick Shield documentation and source code
Hosted on GitHub.

Joystick Show
Chibata Creations’ Mac app for testing and calibrating joysticks.

RetroConnector Joystick Interface source code & documentation
Hosted on GitHub.

Cover ][ Cover

Sophistication & Simplicity
Steve Weyhrich’s history of the Apple II, published as a hardcover book by Variant Press.

Apple II History
Steve Weyhrich’s website and the basis for his book.

Apple II History book musings
Steve Weyhrich’s blog about adapting his website into a book.


Thirty Years of Mac
Apple’s homepage dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of the Apple Macintosh.


Annual Apple II convention, keynoted by Margot Comstock of Softalk and hosted July 22–27 in Kansas City, Missouri.

VCF East 9.1
The Vintage Computer Festival, held April 4–6 in Wall Township, New Jersey.

Mike Willegal’s reproduction of Jef Raskin’s Canon Cat predecessor.

Drew ][ TDX
Andrew Webber’s stereo sound card.

Nishida Radio
Koichi Nishida’s development of VGA adapters for the Apple IIe and IIc.

Apple II Pi
Developed by David Schmenk and sold by Ultimate Apple 2.

Home of the Uthernet II network card.

Silvern Castle
Jeff Fink’s fantasy role-playing game.

Dangerous Dave
Sign-up list to test John Romero’s iOS and Android ports of his classic Apple II game.

The Saga of Dangerous Dave
The history of Dangerous Dave, from UpTime to Softdisk and beyond.

Daniel Kruszyna’s four-channel, 1-bit music tracker.

Paul Lutus
Developer of Electric Duet, whose music player routine is now available under GNU GPL.

Penguin Software
Now freeware, including games Transylvania and Spy’s Demise.

Andy McFadden’s Swiss Army knife for manipulating Apple II disk images and files in a Windows environment.

Pat McGovern
Founder of International Data Group, publisher of inCider/A+.

Steve Jobs postage stamp
Coming in 2015, as reported by The Washington Post.