Volume 19, Issue 3 (September 2014)

Volume 19, Issue 3 (September 2014)
2My Home PageModerate SuccessKen GagneSuccess can be found in moderation of your commitments to the Apple II community.
3Letters from the Land of ROMMike Finger, David CiottiA reader shares his history with the Apple II and Retr0bright; where can we purchase 3.5" and 5.25" floppy disks these days?
4-8Event coverageExec KansasFestPaul HagstromMargot Comstock keynotes KansasFest 2014.
9Behind the ScenesSliding into First PlaceJeremy Rand, Michael J. MahonA port of the sliding tile puzzle game 2048 wins this year's HackFest entry, courtesy cc65 and GitHub.
10-12Behind the ScenesElements of AdventureMartin HayeCreating the world of 8-bit role-playing game (RPG) Lawless Legends using map editor Outlaw.
13-16MusinGSThe Book of InfocomRoby ShermanA text adventure-styled interview with Robin Bailey, author of novels based on classic Infocom games such as Enchanter.
16-17,19Tech-torialProDOS 8! Fork Yeah!Ivan DruckerIdentifying and handlng 16-bit resource forks in an 8-bit environment
18-19DumplinGSSong and DanceKen GagneOz KFest 2015 announced; updates to A2CLOUD, A2SERVER, Raspple II, and GSPort; Stavros Karatsoridis releases Nibble programs; Dagen Brock launches Apple IIGS programming website; Wade Clarke and Joe Ely release Apple II music albums; Maniac Mansion and Shadowgate get revisited by the original developers
19Random NumbersWhen Worlds CollideEric ShepherdA chance encounter with Jason Scott at KansasFest 2013 leads to a speed boost for JSMESS, courtesy JavaScript & Emscripten.
20Wild ApplesTHANKS DOUGPaul HagstromA tribute to Doug E. Smith (1960-2014), creator of Lode Runner


Park Muzakowski2“. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


The Computer Bargain Store
A source for 3.5″ and 5.25″ disks.

A source for 5.25″ disks, without sleeves (ships from Germany), used for Drift in Juiced.GS Volume 17, Issue 2.

Another source of 3.5″ and 5.25″ disks, by Juiced.GS staff writer David Schmidt.

Behind the Scenes: 2048

Jeremy Rand’s winning HackFest entry, a port of the sliding-tile puzzle game 2048.

Behind the Scenes: Outlaw

Lawless Legends
The 8-Bit Bunch’s Western-based role-playing game (RPG).

GitHub’s open-source home to the tools used to create Lawless Legends.


NuLib Library
NuFX and NuLib compression tools and libraries.

Ivan Drucker’s ProDOS 8 program that will convert an extended (forked) file stored on a ProDOS volume.

Apple IIGS documentation
A comprehensive list of ProDOS file types and auxiliary types.

AppleCare Support—Older Software Downloads
Apple File Exchange (on the “Tidbits” disk of Mac OS 7.0.1), ProDOS File System (on the Apple IIe Card software disk), PC Exchange (installed by Mac OS 7.5), and ResEdit.

A Mac OS Classic utility for changing filetypes and auxtypes.


Oz KFest
A gathering of Apple II users occurring April 17–19, 2015, in Melbourne, Australia.

Updates to Ivan Drucker’s A2SERVER, A2CLOUD, and Raspple II.

GSportVersion 0.31 of a cross-platform, open-source Apple IIGS emulator.

Twelve years of Nibble program listings, transcribed by Stavros Karatsoridis and published as freeware by Mike Harvey.

GS Programmer’s Home
Dagen Brock’s Apple IIGS programming repository.

A new music album featuring Apple II, by Wade Clarke, aka Aeriae.

An album by Joe Ely, with liner notes by Steve Wozniak.

Maniac Mansion
Original design notes for Lucasfilm Games’ point-and-click adventure, courtesy Ron Gilbert, aka the Grumpy Gamer.

A Kickstarter-funded remake of the original Shadowgate, courtesy Zojoi.

Wild Apples

Doug E. Smith
A tribute from Tozai Games.

Lode Runner
A tribute from Paul Hagstrom.