Volume 2, Issue 2 (Spring 1997)

Volume 2, Issue 2 (Spring 1997)
2My Home PageProductive season for IIGS marketplaceMax JonesProduct development continues for the Apple II, new Juiced.GS authors, Joseph L. Jones died
3Letters from the Land of ROMMisc.Twilight II, Script Central, Spectrum Internet Suite
4-7Cover storyThe animated AppleJoe T. WaltersWorking with animated graphics files and formats on the IIGS
8-10GraphicsGetting graphic on the IIGSBret VictorWorking with Platinum Paint and type
11AdvertisementApple Blossom PublishingHyper Quarterly
12-14HardwareHacksaw hacking the Stealth GSStephen BuggieHacking an original IIe baseplate to work with a Stealth IIGS motherboard
15Desktop PublishingIn design, white space isn't wasted spaceDave BennettEffective page layout
16-19Shareware SpotlightShifty List v2.0, SIS Boookmark Editor 1.0 Beta, StolenBASE v1.0.1, CD Remember, WorkSets, FinderFlipper, Finder Refresher, DrillDown, Virtual Data
22-24DumplinGSKFest '97 preview, Seven Hills Software activity, EGO Systems closes, work resumes on Twilight II 2.0, Vitesse rumored to be shutting down, new periodical Hyper Quarterly shipping
23II Be Named LaterHow to know a 'real' geek when you meet oneRyan SuenagaCharacteristics of Real Geeks