Volume-2-Issue-2 Page: 2
Type: My Home Page
Author: Max Jones
Headline: Productive season for IIGS marketplace
Synopsis: Product development continues for the Apple II, new Juiced.GS authors, Joseph L. Jones died

Page: 3
Type: Letters
Author: Misc.
Synopsis: Twilight II, Script Central, Spectrum Internet Suite

Page: 4-7
Type: Cover story
Author: Joe T. Walters
Headline: The animated Apple
Sub-headline: Lights, camera, action! Bring your GS to life
Synopsis: Working with animated graphics files and formats on the IIGS

Page: 8-10
Type: Graphics
Author: Bret Victor
Headline: Getting graphic on the IIGS
Sub-headline: Using Platinum Paint to add emphasis to type
Synopsis: Working with Platinum Paint and type

Page: 11
Type: Advertisement
Author: Apple Blossom Publishing
Synopsis: Hyper Quarterly

Page: 12-14
Type: Hardware
Author: Stephen Buggie
Headline: Hacksaw hacking the Stealth GS
Sub-headline: Turning the old IIe into a more powerful unit
Synopsis: Hacking an original IIe baseplate to work with a Stealth IIGS motherboard

Page: 15
Type: Desktop Publishing
Author: Dave Bennett
Headline: In design, white space isn't wasted space
Synopsis: Effective page layout

Page: 16-19
Type: Shareware Spotlight
Synopsis: Shifty List v2.0, SIS Boookmark Editor 1.0 Beta, StolenBASE v1.0.1, CD Remember, WorkSets, FinderFlipper, Finder Refresher, DrillDown, Virtual Data

Page: 22-24
Type: DumplinGS
Synopsis: KFest '97 preview, Seven Hills Software activity, EGO Systems closes, work resumes on Twilight II 2.0, Vitesse rumored to be shutting down, new periodical Hyper Quarterly shipping

Page: 23
Type: II Be Named Later
Author: Ryan Suenaga
Headline: How to know a 'real' geek when you meet one
Synopsis: Characteristics of Real Geeks