Volume 22, Issue 4 (December 2017)

Juiced.GS Volume 22, Issue 4 (December 2017)
2My Home PageExpanding the FamilyKen GagneRetro Roundup and a2.click were created to solve behind-the-scenes publishing problems at Juiced.GS--but now, anyone can make use of these retrocomputing resources.
3-4Cover ][ CoverAndy MolloyA review of Break Out: How the Apple II Launched the PC Gaming Revolution, a book by David Craddock.
5-7ReviewControl Your WorldChris TorrenceA review of the Game Port Interface Micro-Relay Isolation Board, by Andrew and Ivan Hogan.
8-11ReviewA Speed Demon from a2heavenDavid SchmidtA review of the FASTChip //e, an Apple IIe accelerator card by Plamen Vaysilov of a2heaven.
12-14Tech-torialThe Apple II in Your Apple IIIMartin HayeHow to activate "Satan Mode" aka "Funny Mode", a way to access the Apple III's unique features while running Apple II software.
15-18ConnectionsPreserving ProLineKelvin SherlockHow Morgan Davis's ProLine BBS software got ported to the cloud and became a telnet service.
18-21ProgrammingWriting Ampersand CommandsStavros KaratsoridisHow to write ampersand commands to extend Applesoft BASIC.
22-23DumplinGSA Plethora of PodcastsKen GagneInaugural Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest to be held Feb 2018; 6502 Workshop's Nox Archaist launches forum, with second Kickstarter coming in 2018; Benj Edwards launches The Culture of Tech podcast; Jason Scott launches Jason Scott Talks His Way Out of It podcast; Paleotronic Magazine launches; Mike Westerfield of The Byte Works adds ORCA code to GitHub; CiderPress updated to v4.0.3; Daniele Liverani releases Genius 2: Into the Toy Caves; Chris Torrence of Assembly Lines podcast fixes 36-year-old Wizardry bug.
23Simplicity NotesBlinkenlightsSteven WeyhrichBig iron computers with lots of blinking lights on old science-fiction television shows are what got Steve Weyhrich into computers.
24Wild ApplesPeter NeubauerHappy holidays from Juiced.GS!

My Home Page

Retro Roundup
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A URL shortener for Apple II websites.

Cover ][ Cover

Break Out: How the Apple II Launched the PC Gaming Revolution
David L. Craddock’s book, with free sample chapters available.

Review: Game Port Interface Board

Game Port Interface Board
Andrew and Ivan Hogan’s circuit board for controlling external devices through the Apple II.

David Schmenk’s Proto Language AsSeMbler for Apple.

Assembly Lines
Chris Torrence’s video review of the Game Port Interface Board.

Review: FASTChip //e

FASTChip //e
An Apple IIe accelerator card by Plamen Vaysilov of a2heaven.

Speed test
John Brooks of ProDOS 2.4.x fame’s code for benchmarking how fast Apple II computers can demonstrably count.


Apple III Satan Mode
Martin Haye’s HackFest project from KansasFest 2018, which boots an Apple III directly to Satan Mode DOS 3.3 with a patched system monitor.

Apple II versus Apple III Hardware Architecture Comments
December 2002 email correspondence among Steven Weyhrich, Rick Auricchio (Apple), and David T. Craig.


ProLine 3.x BBS Unofficial Home Page
An archive of Eric A. Seiden’s homepage for ProLine BBS, by Morgan Davis.

Kelvin Sherlock’s source code for the headless KEGS emulator, the modem and serial modules, and other relevant items.

ProLine, ModemWorks, and other Morgan Davis products.


Assembly Lines
A compilation of Roger Wagner’s Softalk articles, as updated by Chris Torrence.

Applesoft Internal Entry Points
An article by John Crossley, published in Apple Orchard.


Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest
The inaugural VCF PW, to be held February 10–11, 2018.

Nox Archaist forums
Community forums for Nox Archaist, an upcoming 8-bit tile-based RPG from 6502 Workshop.

The Culture of Tech
Benj Edwards’ audio podcast in which he interviews tech luminaries, artists, and entertainers about their history with and contributions to culture and technology.

Jason Scott Talks His Way Out of It
Jason Scott’s monologic podcast of adventures and tales from his life and career preserving the history of computers and the Internet.

Paleotronic Magazine
A new digital and hardcopy magazine for all retrocomputing enthusiasts.

The Byte Works on GitHub
The source code to ORCA/C, an ANSI C compiler; ORCALib, libraries for the ORCA language suite (ORCA/C, ORCA/M, ORCA/Pascal); and ORCA Linker, a link editor for the object module format, all for the Apple IIGS.

v4.0.3 of Andy McFadden’s popular Windows program for managing Apple II files and media.

Genius 2: Into the Toy Caves
Daniele Liverani’s Apple II action-platforming game.

Assembly Lines #46
Chris Torrence fixes a 36-year-old bug in Wizardry.

Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord
A version of Wizardry patched by Chris Torrence.