Volume 24, Issue 2 (June 2019)

Volume 24, Issue 2 (June 2019)
2My Home PageBalancing ActKen GagneKansasFest can be exhausting if you don't know how to say no to things you want to do.
3Letters from the Land of ROMBrian MilesAn editorial about Mammoth Cave brings back memories of a childhood school assignment.
4-7Apple CoreBuilding with PLATOPeter NeubauerThom Cherryhomes has build IRATA.ONLINE, an online, cross-platform community based on PLATO, a mainframe computer system that was ahead of its time.
8-9Event CoverageA Real-Life Infocom AdventureKay SavetzKay Savetz reflects on Game On: The Great Quest for Imagination, a GitHub-sponsored event at which he interviewed Steve Meretzky of Infocom fame.
9AdvertisementEaten by a GrueA podcast of Infocom games, text adventures, and interactive fiction.
10-14ProgrammingA Flight of BASICsMichael SternbergA comparison and contrast of three Applesoft BASIC alternatives: Integer BASIC; Blankenship BASIC, and Micol Advanced BASIC.
15-17ConnectionsIt Sounds So GoodGeoff WeissHow to convert MP3 and WAV files to the Apple IIGS rSound format.
18-19DumplinGSRummaging for ReleasesKen GagneKansasFest 2019 sessions are go; Chris Vavruska releases GSummer; Ewen Wannop releases Versions; Andy McFadden releases 6502bench; Nox Archaist meets its Kickstarter crowdfunding goal; Jesse LaFleur releases Raccoon City; John Romero interviews Jordan Mechner on the Apple Time Warp podcast; Kay Savetz opens the Vintage Tech Stickers store; Mark Munz updates the Deja IIx website.
19Pop the StackThe Library RulesKay SavetzThe library was a haven of novels for Kay as a kid and a source of retrocomputing theses as an adult.

Apple Core

Thom Cherryhomes’ PLATO-based online, cross-platform retrocomputing community.

A mainframe-based CYBIS system.

Event Coverage

Game On: The Great Quest for Imagination
Kay Savetz interviews Steve Meretzky of Infocom fame at GitHub HQ.

Historical Source
A GitHub repository of Infocom source code.

A Z-Machine compiler.

Jason Scott Talks His Way Out of It
The Infocom Source Code Episode.

Infocom: The Documentary
Excerpted from Jason Scott’s GET LAMP documentary.


Integer BASIC
Steve Wozniak’s own BASIC for the Apple II computer.

Apple-1 Basic Manual
A manual for Integer BASIC on the Apple-1.

Apple II BASIC Programming Manual
A manual for Integer BASIC on the Apple II.

Apple Commands
Beagle Bros’ reference poster for Integer BASIC commands.

Blankenship BASIC
A disk image of Prof. John Blankenship’s BASIC.

Blankenship BASIC manual
A paperback manual sold by Call-A.P.P.L.E.

Michael Sternberg’s implementation of the Sieve of Eratosthenes algorithm in various languages, used as a benchmarking tool.

Micol Advanced BASIC 4.5
Micol Systems’ BASIC for the Apple IIe/IIc.

Micol Advanced BASIC
A PDF manual.


Sound eXchange, for converting sound files on modern computers.

An MP3 encoder library.

AudioZap 2.0
Ian Schmidt’s audio editor for the Apple IIGS.

Paul Benson’s sound conversion utility for the IIGS.

A display-oriented editor for binary files (hex editor).

A IIGS program that can play audio files larger than the available RAM.


The annual Apple II convention, occurring July 15-21, 2019, at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri.

Chris Vavruska’s MD5 checksum utility for the IIGS.

Ewen Wannop’s version tracker tool for IIGS applications.

Andy McFadden’s disassembly tool.

Nox Archaist
6502 Workshop’s original 8-bit RPG that recently succeeded in its Kickstarter crowdfunding.

Raccoon City
Jesse LaFleur’s game of exploring Toronto at night as a raccoon.

Apple Time Warp
John Romero’s podcast interview of Jordan Mechner.

Vintage Tech Stickers
Kay Savetz’s new online store, with Elephant Memory Systems and Beagle Bros Software logo reproductions.

Deja IIx
Mark Munz’s AppleWorks Classic emulator.