Volume 24, Issue 4 (December 2019)

Juiced.GS Volume 24, Issue 4 (December 2019)
2My Home PageApple II For AllKen GagneThe Polygamer podcast led me to Shannon Symonds of The Strong Museum of Play, who wrote this month's cover story.
3-5RetrospectivePew! Pew!Peter NeubauerA look at the AppleDAC laser programs and work being done by Ash McFadden, Alden Gaw, and Neil Pobuda, including at SELEM.
6-9Apple CoreA Strong ShowingShannon SymondsProfiles of women in gaming Danielle Bunten Berry, Lorraine Hopping, Leslie Grimm, and Amy Briggs.
10-13MusinGSVernier SoftwareKay SavetzAn interview with Dave Vernier of Vernier Software & Technology in Beaverton, Oregon.
14-17,19ProgrammingNot So BASICMichael SternbergA smackdown of 16-bit BASICs for the Apple IIGS, including Apple IIGS BASIC, TML BASIC, Micol Advanced BASIC/GS, and GSoft BASIC.
18DumplinGSCreatures of the NightKen GagneManila Gear releases Vampire Power; Vince Weaver wins Demosplash demo party contest; Mike Goodell releases Applesoft Keyboard Test; Jennifer Schmidt develops online magazine article database; Chuck Peddle and Randy Suess die.
19Pop the StackMonitor CalibrationKay SavetzUnderstanding the monitor might've been a gateway to learning assembly language for a young Kay Savetz.
20Wild ApplesAlden GawThe Apple II Infinitum logo, drawn with lasers.


A message board for laserists and laser enthusiasts. Includes news about the annual Southeast Laser Enthusiasts Meet (SELEM).

Apple Core

Women in Games
An exhibit currently on display at The Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, New York, USA.

Dani Bunten Berry papers
An archive or personal and business correspondence, game design concepts, corporate agreements, notes, sketches, publicity, photographs, computer code, and other materials created by or pertaining to Dani Bunten.

Escape from ANTcatraz video game script
By Lorraine Hopping.

Lucia Grossberger Morales
Homepage of Apple II digital artist.


Vernier Software & Technology
Dave Vernier’s company, founded in 1981 to develop and publish Apple II scientific software.


A la découverte du GS Basic
A French-language book that includes an alphabetically sorted reference of Apple IIGS BASIC keywords.

TML BASIC manual (text)
The manual for TML BASIC, a BASIC compiler for the IIGS that was syntax-compatible with Apple’s abandoned Apple IIGS BASIC.

TML BASIC manual (PDF)
The manual for TML BASIC, a BASIC compiler for the IIGS that was syntax-compatible with Apple’s abandoned Apple IIGS BASIC.

TML Basic v1.00A 4 22 88
A .po disk image of TML BASIC.

Micol Advanced BASIC manual
User manual for Micol Advanced BASIC v5.0.

Micol Advanced BASIC
Zipped .2mg disk images of multiple versions of Micol Advanced BASIC.

Toolbox Programming in GSoft BASIC
A partial draft (chapters 1–6) of Eric Shepherd’s tutorial for Mike Westerfield’s BASIC language.


Vampire Power
Manila Gear’s board lets you easily tap into your Apple IIGS ROM 00/01 power supply to provide voltage to your Apple II projects.

Lo-res Escape
Vince Weaver (“deater”)’s Demosplash-winning demo.

Applesoft Keyboard Test
Mike Goodell’s HackFest 2019 entry is an Applesoft BASIC program to test the working condition of an Apple II keyboard.

Apple II Magazine Index
Jennifer Schmidt’s online database of Apple II magazines and articles.

Chuck Peddle
News of the passing of Charles Peddle, inventor of the 6502 microprocessor.

Homepage of Randy Suess, the late co-inventor of the dial-up bulletin board system (BBS).