Volume 25, Issue 3 (September 2020)

Juiced.GS Volume 25, Issue 3 (September 2020)
2My Home PageEscape from RealityKen GagneThe Apple II provides much-needed relief and escape from a world gripped by a pandemic.
3-4MusinGSKay SavetzAn interview with Michael Carasik, programmer of Apple II software for Davka Corporation, a company specializing in Jewish educational software.
5-9Event CoverageDemaking KansasFestMike WhalenKansasFest 2020 was held virtually via Zoom and Discord, making for a fun, unique, non-traditional take on the annual convention.
9AdvertisementSophistication & Simplicity
10-13MusinGSThe Show Must Go OnKen Gagne & Mike WhalenAn interview with the members of the KansasFest planning committee (Andy Molloy, Peter Neubauer, Steve Weyhrich, Chris Torrence, Paul Hagstrom & Kate Szkotnicki) about how they transitioned the annual conference to an online format for 2020.
13AdvertisementRetro Roundup
14Behind the ScenesIt's a Bot Time!Melissa Rand & Quinn DunkiHow Melissa Rand won HackFest 2020 by creating a bot that allows Discord users to interact with an Apple II.
15-17Tech-torialFilling the GapAlexander JacocksA look at FFF & SLA 3D printers and how they can be used to create Apple II parts, such as for Nshidia Radio's IIc VGA adapter.
18-19DumplinGSExpanding the LibraryKen GagneTamas Rudnai releases Steve ][ emulator; John Snape updates Don Worth's Beneath Apple DOS books; Sellam Abraham releases GReasy Graphics; Dr. Marc A. Golombeck releases DOLORES; The Crow Cousins releases Murder Manor and Hunt the Gulon; Oliver Schmidt ports Stefan Wessels' chess game via cc65; Jim Maricondo's Twilight II screensaver updated to v2.0; Benj Edwards interviews Steve Wozniak; Total Replay updated to v4.0-alpha.3; Netflix releases High Score documentary.
19Random NumbersNO CARRIEREric ShepherdSheppy likens the isolation of the pandemic to being disconnected mid-modem connection.
20Wild ApplesMelody Ayres-GriffithsA 3D Karateka poster, winner of the KansasFest 2020 background contest.



Fiverr caricature artist.

My Home Page

Juiced.GS Volumes 11–20
Forty issues of Juiced.GS, making their PDF debut.

Sophistication & Simplicity
Steve Weyhrich’s history of the Apple II, now available as an ebook.

Esprit de Apple Corps
A two-volume set of Apple II applications and multimedia — free!

MusinGS: Michael Carasik

Davka Software
Publisher of Jewish educational software for the Apple II.

A Hebrew word processor for Windows.

Behind the Scenes

Melissa Rand’s winning HackFest 2020 entry, allowing Discord users to interact with an Apple II.

Tech-torial: 3D Printing

Case for Nishida Radio Apple IIc VGA Adapter
Alexander Jacocks’ 3D printer models for a VGA adapter case.


Steve ][
Tamas Rudnai’s Apple II emulator, built for speed.

Beneath Apple DOS and ProDOS 2020
John Snape’s update to Don Worth’s books.

GReasy Graphics
Sellam Abraham’s graphics library.

Dr. Mark A. Golombeck’s graphics library.

Murder Manor
Crow Cousins’ murder-mystery game using double lo-res graphics.

Hunt the Gulon
Crow Cousins’ double lo-res take on Hunt the Wumpus.

Oliver Schmidt’s Apple II port of Stefan Wessels’ chess game.

Twilight II
Jim Maricondo’s Apple IIGS screensaver, updated to v2.0 and published by Call-A.P.P.L.E.

Twilight II source code
The GitHub code repository for the Apple IIGS screensaver.

Twilight II manual
A paperback manual for the Apple IIGS screensaver.

Why the Apple II Didn’t Support Lowercase Letters
Benj Edwards publishes Steve Wozniak’s email.

Total Replay
4am frontend for playing classic Apple II games, updated to 4.0-alpha.2.

High Score
Netflix’s documentary about the history of computer and video games.