Volume 25, Issue 4 (December 2020)

Juiced.GS Volume 25, Issue 4 (December 2020)
2My Home PageFive by FiveKen GagneA look back at Ken's life with Juiced.GS over the last twenty-five years, in five-year intervals.
3-4MusinGSJames PeytonAn interview with Lee Fastenau, who's porting the Nintendo Game Boy version of Tetris to the Apple II.
5-11ReviewEmulation EvaluationIvan DruckerA smackdown of 14 different Apple II emulators, including Virtual II, AppleWin, GSPort, GSPlus, MAME, Agat, microM8, and more.
12-14ConnectionsCapturing the GameKen GagneA tutorial for capturing audio and video from an Apple II for streaming to YouTube or Twitch.
15MusinGSHeavy Retro MetalKen GagneAn interview with Kate Szkotnicki, aka LadyAurilos, about her Twitch channel Retro Metal, where she livestreams Apple II games.
16-19TidinGSOnce More, With FeeliesCarrington Vanston & Kay SavetzThe script for an unaired, unrecorded episode of the Eaten By A Grue podcast, in celebration of hosts Carrington and Kay having played every Infocom text adventure.
19AdvertisementEaten by a Grue
20RetrospectiveThe Next QuarterKate Szkotnicki, Sean McNamara, Sarah W., Carrington VanstonWhat four Apple II users hope for the Apple II and its community 25 years from now.
21Behind the ScenesBringing Applesoft to TwitterKay SavetzA look at how Kay Savetz created a Twitter bot that accepts Applesoft BASIC code as input and returns the result as a recorded video.
22-25Tech-torialConnect the BricksEvan KoblentzHow to connect LEGO bricks to your Apple II.
25AdvertisementRetro Roundup
26-27DumplinGSInto the UnknownKen GagneEwen Wannop releases Webber; ][ Connect is released; Antoine Vignau updates Genesys; new books about Sierra On-Line by Ken Williams & Shawn Mills; Nox Archaist RPG is released; Hugo Calgariesque releases Tristam Island; MinnMax releases Oregon Trail documentary; Daniele Liverani releases "Into the Toy Planets" chapter of Genius game; Eric Donadieu releases 2048.
27Pop the StackPi in the SkyKay SavetzThe Raspberry Pi 400 is the most Apple II-like model of the Pi yet.
28AdvertisementNox Archaist

MusinGS: Lee Fastenau

Lee’s code repository, where eventually his Apple II port of the Nintendo Game Boy version of Tetris will be available.

Review: Emulators

Virtual II
Gerard Putter’s 8-bit emulator for macOS.

An 8-bit Apple II emulator for Windows

An Apple IIGS emulator based on KEGS by Kent Dickey.

Another Apple IIGS emulator based on KEGS.

An 8-bit Apple II emulator for macOS.

An 8-bit Apple II emulator for Windows that supports emulation of Soviet and Eastern European computers similar to Apple II.

An Apple IIGS emulator that adds a 3D perspective to graphics.

Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, which emulates several arcade and home machines, including the Apple II.

An 8-bit Apple II emulator for Linux.

Eric Shepherd’s Apple IIGS emulator.

Apple ][js
Will Scullin’s online Apple II emulator, written in JavaScript.

Brendan Robert’s Apple IIe Enhanced emulator, written in Java.

Epple ][
Chris Mosher’s Apple II Plus emulator.

Steve ][
Tamas Rudnai’s under-development 8-bit Apple II emulator for macOS.


The quest to save today’s gaming history from being lost forever
Kyle Orland’s Ars Technica piece about how changes in digital distribution, rights management increasingly make preservation tough.

OBS Studio
Open Broadcaster Software, free software for capturing audio and video.

$12 composite video adapter.

A higher-quality A/V video adapter.

Open Source Scan Converter
OSSC, an even higher-end video converter.

John Brooks’ HDMI card for the Apple II.

Leadstar 10″ monitor
A small, portable monitor compatible with the Apple II.

Assembly Lines #13
Chris Torrence on how to connect a portable monitor to the Apple IIc.

Apple IIc video adapter
An adapter that connects an Apple IIc or IIc Plus into DB15 RGB video.

DTECH splitter
Sends one video signal to multiple displays.

Apple II headphone adapter
Charles Mangin’s schematic for adding a headphone jack to the Apple IIe.

A part necessary for adding a headphone port to the Apple IIe.

Lo-Fi Let’s Plays
Leigh Alexander’s Let’s Play videos of Apple II games.

MusinGS: Kate Szkotnicki

Retro Metal
Kate’s Twitch.tv show that streams Apple II games.


Eaten By A Grue
Carrington Vanston and Kay Savetz’s audio podcast about Infocom text adventure games.

Pitch Dark
A frontend for exploring and playing Infocom text adventures on an 8-bit Apple II.

A player for interactive fiction stories written in four major formats, including Z-Code.

Behind the Scenes

Kay Savetz’s bot that executes Applesoft BASIC code from Twitter.

Details on how to interact with @AppleIIBot.


A site for buying and selling LEGO bricks and parts.

LEGO TC Logo kit
Jonathan “Glitch” Chapman’s tutorial for creating an Apple II expansion card.

Minds Before the Storms
Evan Koblentz’s LEGO website.

Evan Koblentz’s Facebook discussion group.

Vintage Lego Robotics
An Internet Archive repository of LEGO materials, 1980–1995.

LEGO’s first programmable product
Alex Lukacz’s blog post about LEGO.


Ewen Wannop’s standalone Web browser for the Apple IIGS.

][ Connect
An 8-bit Apple II client for Twitter, Evernote, Gmail, and other online utilities.

Antoine Vignau’s updated version of SSSi Inc.’s resource editor.

Not All Fairy Tales Have Happy Endings
Ken Williams’ memoir about Sierra On-Line.

The Sierra Adventure
Shawn Mills’ crowdfunded book about Sierra On-Line.

Nox Archaist
6502 Workshop’s crowdfunded 8-bit Apple II RPG, now shipping.

Tristam Island
Hugo Labrande’s original text adventure, available from itch.io for 36 different platforms.

MinnMax’s original documentary about the origins of Oregon Trail.

Into the Toy Planets
Daniele Liverani’s third chapter in the Genius game series.

Eric Donadieu’s port of the popular tile-sliding game.