Volume 26, Issue 1 (March 2021)

Juiced.GS Volume 26, Issue 1 (March 2021)
2My Home PageAnother Gap YearKen GagneKansasFest 2021 will be held online, which means another year we won't see our friends -- making Dean Nichols' passing all the more profound.
2-3Behind the ScenesHugh HoodBehind the scenes of Hugh Hood's Direct Connect PostScript Printer Driver (DCPPD).
5-9ReviewNox ArchaistIan BaronofskyA review of 6502 Workshop's Kickstarter-funded 8-bit fantasy role-playing game (RPG), Nox Archaist.
10-12ReviewWeaving the WebPeter NeubauerA review of Ewen Wannop's 16-bit standalone Web browser, Webber.
13-15ReviewAt the Edge of the WorldWade ClarkeA review of Tristam Island, a text-adventure/interactive fiction game by Hugo Labrande, available for dozens of computer and console platforms.
16-17,19MusinGSThe Shadow ConspiratorAntoine VignauAn interview with Pascal Anquetin, developer of Les Conspirateurs de l'Ombre ("The Shadow Conspirators") from No Man's Land.
18DumplinGSVenturing ForthKen GagneKansasFest 2021 to be held online; Jeremy Rand releases BuGS action-arcade game; Josh Weier creates virtual Apple II hardware and software in Unreal Engine; Lawless Legends demo available, with full game to come this summer; Oubliette game gets updated 2021 edition; Max Piantoni connects an Apple II to a 3D printer.
19AdvertisementDigital Dinos
19Pop the StackPower BrokerKay SavetzA recent power outage reminds Kay of the days when moving data was difficult and often non-essential.


Adventuring Party
Copyright by Ludovico Tellatin; used with permission.

Behind the Scenes

Direct Connect PostScript Printer Driver
DCPPD, a moderately patched version of Apple’s LaserWriter Printer Driver, courtesy Hugh Hood.

Review: Nox Archaist

Nox Archaist
An 8-bit fantasy role-playing game (RPG) by 6502 Workshop.

6502 Workshop’s online community of Nox Archaist players, developers, and enthusiasts.

Official instructional videos for getting started with Nox Archaist.

Review: Webber

Ewen Wannop’s 16-bit standalone World Wide Web browser.

Review: Tristam Island

Tristam Island
Hugo Labrande’s text adventure/interactive fiction game, available for dozens of computer platforms and game consoles.

All the steps and solutions for completing the game.

Interactive Fiction Community Forum
A message board for IF enthusiasts.


Les Conspirateurs de l’Ombre
The Shadow Conspirators, developed by Pascal Anquetin and published by No Man’s Land.


A virtual Apple II convention, being held July 23–24, 2021.

Jeremy Rand’s action-arcade game.

Josh Weier’s emulated Apple II hardware and software, built in Unreal Engine.

Lawless Legends
A playable demo of an upcoming 8-bit role-playing game set in the Old West.

Oubliette 2021
Daniel Henderson & Tom Porter’s 8-bit, top-down puzzle game.

Controlling a 3D Printer From An Apple II & Forging Plotter Art
Max Piantoni’s video on getting an Apple II to talk to a 3D printer.