Volume 26, Issue 2 (2021)

Juiced.GS Volume 26, Issue 2 (June 2021)
2My Home PageKnock Knock!Ken GagneBeing a digital nomad meant subscribers in the San Francisco Bay Area of California could get their March 2021 issues hand-delivered.
3-4Apple MysteriesMartin HayeColonel Hexings, with help from Detective Pomme, solves the mystery of an unexpected audio frequency generated by the Apple II.
5-7ConnectionsHam and ApplesPeter NeubauerHow to use the Apple II and amateur radio together, including with radioteletype modems.
8-9Behind the ScenesApple InceptionJoshua WeierVeteran game developer Joshua Weier takes us behind the scenes of zero_page, a game built in the Unreal engine and which features an emulated Apple II.
10-11ReviewA Clearer View of the AppleAlexander JacocksA review of MacEffects' transparent case for the Apple IIe and IIGS, one of many clear cases they've funded on Kickstarter.
12-14ReviewROM to SpareAndrew RoughanA review of ROMX from Dean Claxton and Jeff Mazur, developed by The ROM Exchange and sold by ReActiveMicro.
15-17RetrospectivePodcasts of YoreSean McNamaraA roundup of Apple II and retrocomputing podcasts.
17AdvertisementDigital Dinos
18-19DumplinGSAdding to the BacklogKen GagneBrutal Deluxe releases English-language edition of Full Metal Planet; Ninjaforce releases No Hard Feelings demo; Daniel Henderson and Roby Sherman release Orion Trail; 6502 Workshop releases Andrew Schultz's official Nox Archaist hint book; Stefan Vogt releases Hibernated 1—This Place is Death: Director's Cut; Wade Clarke releases Alien Exodus; Alex Lukacz is developing SNES Max adapter for Super Nintendo controllers.
19AdvertisementAttack of the PETSCII Robots
19Pop the StackLocked AchievementsKay SavetzInterviewing aging retrocomputing celebrities is like playing an endless game.

My Home Page

The Impractical but Indisputable Rise of Retrocomputing
The New York Times article featuring Huxley Dunsany and his Retro Roadshow.


The First Computer-Controlled Ham Station
Don Alexander’s article for the August 1976 issue of magazine 73.

RTTY Today
Dave Ingram’s 1984 book.

Schematics for radioteletype modems in the June 1985 issue of 73.

Dr. Christopher Galfo’s Ham Radio Communications Package
A suite of Apple II software, archived by Mike Willegal.

Your Gateway to Packet Radio
A scan of Stan Horzepa’s book.

Network 105
A group of packet ham radio operators who enjoy chatting over the hf 20 meter band on 14.105 MHz.

A.P.P.L.E. PDS Software
Disks 74, 76, and 77 in the Public Domain Software (PDS) collection.

Behind the Scenes

Joshua Weier’s Unreal game with an emulated Apple II.

Unreal Engine
A 3D engine for modern games.

Review: MacEffects transparent case

Clear case for the Apple IIe
The first-ever mass-produced clear case for the Apple IIe and IIGS.

The crowdfunding campaign for the case.

No-slip clip-on nuts
Replacement parts for Apple II spring clips.

Schematics for an Apple IIe-to-USB adapter.

USB Wombat
A USB-to-ADB adapter.

An Apple IIGS memory expansion card.

Review: ROMX

The ROM Exchange
Official home for Dean Claxton and Jeff Mazur’s ROMX.

Official vendor for the ROMX.


1 MHz
Carrington Vanston’s Apple II podcast.

Ryan Suenaga’s Apple II podcast.

Echoes of KFest
Audio recordings from historical KansasFest sessions.

Open Apple
An Apple II podcast co-hosted by Em Maginnis and Quinn Dunki or Ken Gagne.

Time Warp
An Apple II podcast co-hosted by John Romero and Craig Johnston.

Drop /// Inches
An Apple III podcast co-hosted by Paul Hagstrom and Em Maginnis.

A Macintosh podcast co-hosted by James Savage and John Leake.

Retro Computing Roundtable
A general retrocomputing podcast co-hosted by a variety of guests.

Floppy Days
Randy Kindig’s retrocomputing podcast.

The Atari 8-bit podcast, co-hosted by Kay Savetz, Randy Kindig, and Brad Arnold.

Electric Dreams
Mike Whalen’s BBS podcast.

Jason Scott Talks His Way Out of It
Jason Scott’s monologue and memoir podcast.

Mike Whalen’s read-aloud podcast.


Full Metal Planet
Brutal Deluxe’s English-language edition of Ludodélire’s strategy game.

No Hard Feelings
A self-running demo by Ninjaforce.

Orion Trail
Daniel Henderson and Roby Sherman’s futuristic adaptation of the classic Oregon Trail.

Nox Archaist Book of Hints
Andrew Schultz’s official guide to the world of 8-bit role-playing game Nox Archaist.

Hibernated 1—This Place is Death
Stefan Vogt’s Infocom-style text adventure game.

Publishers of the physical release of Hibernated 1.

Unearthed and unfinished games from Wade Clarke.

Wade Clarke
Modern interactive fiction from Wade Clarke.

An adapter to use Super Nintendo controllers with the Apple II.

Attack of the PETSCII Robots
Ian Brumby’s Apple II port of David Murray’s game.