Volume 26, Issue 3 (September 2021)

Volume 26, Issue 3 (September 2021)
2My Home PageAssembling the PartyKen GagneNox Archaist demonstrates what's possible in the Apple II community when developers work transparently and collaboratively.
3-8MusinGSPost NoxKen GagneA post mortem of Nox Archaist with Mark Lemmert, Chris Torrence, and Beth Daggert of 6502 Workshop.
9-14Event coverageVirtual KansasFestJoe StrosniderCoverage of KansasFest 2021.
15Behind the ScenesTextBootPeter FerrieBehind the scenes of TextBoot, Peter Ferrie's winning HackFest 2021 entry.
16-18RetrospectiveSpace HackStephane RacleA profile of Robert Grumbles, who used his Apple II to hack into NASA as a teenager, and who later developed the game Doom Valley.
18AdvertisementDigital Dinos
19-21Behind the ScenesTeaching MarkdownJeremy RandBehind the scenes of md2teach, Jeremy Rand's tool to convert markdown documents to Teach word processor files.
21Behind the ScenesJust a little BabelingChris VavruskaBehind the scenes of Chris Vavruska's MarkdownGS, a Babelfish translator that converts markdown files to other Apple II text formats.
22-23DumplinGSCrossing StreamsKen GagneApplecorn brings BBC Micro software to the Apple II; Dan Gordon releases Realm: Rays of Nightmare RPG; Brutal Deluxe brings Arcan's Bill Palmer point-and-click adventure game to the Apple IIGS; Peter Hirschberg releases GS.Asteroids and GS.Adventure; Charles Mangin releases A2QR; Jeremy Rand releases BuGS v2.0 and A2GSBuildPipeline v3.0; Taeber Rapczak releases a2asm; Chris Vavruska releases PDF Writer; Joshua Coleman develops Arduino Nano into temperature-sensitive fan for the Apple II; Ewen Wannop releases HexCalc.
23Simplicity NotesAlive and OnlineSteve WeyhrichKansasFest 2021 revitalizes Steve's enthusiasm for the Apple II.
24AdvertisementAttack of the PETSCII Robots

My Home Page

A podcast interview with Beth Daggert of Nox Archaist.


Nox Archaist
An 8-bit computer role-playing game (CRPG) from 6502 Workshop.

Behind the Scenes: TextBoot

Peter Ferrie’s winning HackFest 2021 entry.


Feds Won’t Prosecute Teens Who Hacked Into Space Agency Computers
An Associated Press (AP) wire story from February 27, 1985, about Robert Grumbles.

Behind the Scenes: md2teach

A strongly defined, highly compatible specification of Markdown formatting.

A Markdown parser implementation in C.

Jeremy Rand’s markdown-to-Teach text converter ORCA shell program for the Apple IIGS.

A translator module for Babelfish by Seven Hills Systems that converts markdown text formats to other Babelfish supported formats.

A file translation system for the IIGS in the form of a New Desk Accessory (NDA).


A ProDOS application that provides an environment for Acorn BBC Microcomputer language ROMs to run.

Realm: Rays of Nightmare
An Ultima-style RPG from Dan Gordon.

Bill Palmer
An Atari ST point-and-click adventure game released by Arcan in 1987 and now ported to the Apple IIGS by Brutal Deluxe.

Peter Hirschberg
Author of GS.Asteroids and GS.Adventure games.

Charles Mangin’s 8-bit generator of Quick Response matrix barcodes, or QR codes.

Jeremy Rand’s arcade-style insect shooter, now updated to v2.0.

A way to build 16-bit Apple //gs software in C or assembly from within Apple’s Xcode development environment under macOS, courtesy Jeremy Rand.

Taeber Rapczak’s assembler written in Go.

PDF Writer
Chris Vavruska’s PDF exporter for the Apple IIGS.

Apple II Plus cooling with the Arduino
Joshua Coleman’s temperature-sensitive Apple II fan.

Ewen Wannop’s 64-bit hexadecimal, decimal, and octal calculator for the IIGS.