Volume 26, Issue 4 (December 2021)

Juiced.GS Volume 26, Issue 4 (December 2021)
2My Home PageRemembering TonyKen Gagne
3-6ReviewIan BaronofskyA review of Attack of the PETSCII Robots, a game by David Murray that was ported to the Apple II by Ian Brumby and Stefan Wessels, with support for Alex Lukacz's SNES MAX controller adapter.
7-9,20Juiced.GS TributeMemories of Tony DiazSean McNamara, Sean Fahey, Eric Shepherd, Em Maginnis, Richard Bennett, Peter Neubauer, Max JonesMembers of the Apple II community share their memories of and feelings about Juiced.GS staff writer Anthony Mario Diaz, who passed away on Oct 27, 2021.
10-12RetrospectiveLes Passagers du VentAntoine Vignau & Olivier ZardiniA look back at Passengers on the Wind, an unpublished Apple IIGS game from Infogrames, which Brutal Deluxe has now updated and released.
12-14ReviewEmulate UpdateIvan DruckerUpdates on KEGS, Ample, Virtual II, AppleWin, MAME, cyanIIde, ApplePi, Aiiee!, and XGS.
15-17ReviewDiving into the StreamSean McNamaraA compilation of YouTube and Twitch video channels that feature Apple II content.
18DumplinGSGaming the SystemKen GagneSteve Chamberlin to release the Yellowstone floppy controller card; AppleWin updated to support 4play and SNES MAX cards; Peter Hirschberg releases GS.Pacman; Eric Podietz releases source code for Painter Power; Identify ][ hardware scanner released; Warp Six BBS software creator Jim Ferr passes away.
19AdvertisementAttack of the PETSCII Robots
19AdvertisementDigital Dinos
19Pop the StackAdvanced Course CatalogKay SavetzA look back at U.K. computing magazine The Home Advanced Computer Course.


El Galeon
Original art by Jonah Booth-Remmers; used with permission.

Attack of the PETSCII Robots

Attack of the PETSCII Robots
Ian Brumby and Stefan Wessel’s Apple II port of David Murray’s game.

Alex Lukacz’s adapter to use Super Nintendo controllers on the Apple II; sold by ReActiveMicro.

More SNES MAX games
Robotron & Mario Bros., adapted to use Super Nintendo controllers.


Passengers on the Wind
Brutal Deluxe’s completed version of the Infogrames game for the Apple IIGS.

Les Passagers du Vent
Infogrames’ unreleased version of an interactive graphic novel game.

Review: Apple II emulators

Kent’s Emulated GS, by Kent Dickey.

Kelvin Sherlock’s MAME frontend.

Virtual II
Gerard Putter’s venerable 8-bit Apple II emulator for macOS.

A solid Apple II emulator for Windows.

The Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.

An embeddable emulator for websites.

J. B. Ward’s Apple II emulator for Raspberry Pi.

Jorj Bauer’s Apple II emulator for Teensy 4.1, an Arduino-type device.

An open-source Apple IIGS emulator for Linux.

Review: Apple II video channels & streams

Adventures in Retro Computing
Javier “Javmaster” Rivera’s YouTube channel.

Assembly Lines
Chris Torrence’s YouTube channel.

Joe’s Computer Museum
Joe Strosnider’s YouTube channel.

Leigh Alexander’s Lo-Fi Let’s Plays
Leigh Alexander’s YouTube channel.

Brutal Deluxe Software Antoine Vignau’s YouTube channel.

How II
Charles Mangin’s YouTube channel.

Highretrogamelord’s YouTube channel.

Ken Gagne’s YouTube channel.

Adrian’s Digital basement
Adrian Black’s YouTube channel.

Retro Repair Roundup
Rudy Panigas, Joe Strosnider, Javier Rivera, and Ron McAdams’s YouTube channel.

The 8-Bit Guy
David Murray’s YouTube channel.

Kate Szknotnicki’s Twitch channel.


Steve Chamberlin’s upcoming universal floppy controller card.

A solid Apple II emulator for Windows.

Lukacz’s Loot
More details about emulator support for Alex Lukacz’s 4play and SNES MAX adapters.

Peter Hirschberg’s port of Namco’s classic maze game.

Painter Power
Source code for Eric Podietz’s Apple II graphics program from 1981.

ANTIC Interview 426
Kay Savetz’s interview with Eric Podietz of Interactive Picture Systems.

Identify ][
Marc Golombeck’s hardware scanner program.

Jim Ferr
Obituary for the creator of the Warp Six BBS software.

Warp Six
Bulletin board system software for the Apple II.