Volume 27, Issue 1 (March 2022)

Juiced.GS Volume 27, Issue 1 (March 2022)
2My Home PagePaper CutsKen GagneWe should make modern technology adapt to us, just like how we've customized the Apple II to suit our desires.
3-5,17HardwareSpeed SourceDavid SchmidtThe challenges, technology, methods, and potential of Apple II accelerators.
6-8MusinGSA Lesson in ModularityPeter NeubauerAn interview with Peter Easdown, developer of ORCA/Modula-2.
9ProgrammingLearning by ExamplePeter NeubauerA sample of Modula-2 code, complete with written explanation.
10-11,14]['s CompanyActivision's PitfallsKen GagneWhat does the purchase of Activision by Microsoft — two gaming companies with roots in the Apple II — mean for us?
12-14ProgrammingSWEET16's Hidden PotentialPaul HagstromA look at SWEET16, Steve Wozniak's 6502 dream machine.
15RetrospectiveOperation Froggy Went A-Courtin'Kay SavetzRemembering the 1987 court case between Jenifer Graham and a California school, instigated by the Apple II edutainment title Operation: Frog.
16-17Cover ][ CoverMaking the Fantasy RealKate SzkotnickiA review of the book "The Making of Nox Archaist", by Mark Lemmert of 6502 Workshop.
18-19DumplinGSMillion Perfect ReleasesKen GagneKansasFest returns to Rockhurst in 2022; 4am releases Million Perfect Letters game; Iván Izaguirre releases izapple2 emulator; The CRPG Book available for preorder and download; Jeremy Rand releases ListenerGS in open beta; Vince Weaver demakes Lemmings; Sharon Knoblock and Matthew Dornquast (Mini Appler) pass away.
19Simplicity NotesWhat We Leave BehindSteve WeyhrichAfter inheriting his father's estate, Steve reflects on the computer collection he'll leave his own children.


Scrooge McDuck
Andy Hertzfeld related the story of the very first image on the very first Macintosh.

Apple II Pi setup

David Schmenk’s video tutorials on how to set up the Apple I Pi.

The 100 MHz 6502
Jürgen Müller’s 65F02 project.

Ted Fried’s video demonstration.

Microcore Labs
Ted Fried’s repositories of Apple II projects.


Peter Easdown
GitHub repo of the developer of ORCA/Modula-2.

World of Hex
An Apple IIGS game inspired by SSI’s Fortress.

][‘s Company

Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard
Official press release of Microsoft’s to purchase the former Apple II game publisher once known as Activision.

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Knew for Years About Sexual-Misconduct Allegations
As reported by the Wall Street Journal.


Apple commercial
Jenifer Graham stars in a commercial for Operation: Frog.

Operation: Frog
4am’s crack of the Scholastic edutainment title.

Cover ][ Cover

The Making of Nox Archaist
A book by Mark Lemmert of 6502 Workshop.


The annual Apple II convention, returning this July 19–24 to Rockhurst University.

Million Perfect Letters
4am’s shifty word game.

Iván Izaguirre’s Apple II emulator.

The CRPG Book
A new edition of the hardcover book covering the history of computer role-playing games.

Jeremy Rand’s voice-to-text application for the Apple II.

Vince “deater” Weaver’s video demo of an Apple II demake of Psygnosis and DMA Design’s classic puzzle game.

Brutal Deluxe’s fully playable Apple IIGS port of Lemmings.

Sharon Knoblock
Obituary for a KansasFest alumna.

Matthew Dornquast
Obituary for Mini Appler.