Volume 27, Issue 4 (December 2022)

Juiced.GS Volume 27, Issue 4 (December 2022)
2My Home PageTrading PlacesKen GagneSeeing Mike Westerfield of The Byte Works twice, 24 years apart, prompts Ken to reflect on the milestones in each other's lives.
3Letters from the Land of ROMMark LemmertMark asks why the KansasFest elevators at Avila had phone jacks; Ken responds, with an anecdote from Mike Westerfield.
4-7ReviewEmulation Evaluation 2022Ivan DruckerIvan offers his annual review of the latest Apple II emulators, including Virtual II, AppleWin, KEGS, OpenEmulator, AIPC, Ample, MAME, ApplePi, cyanIIde, and Clock Signal.
8-11TidinGSThe Perils of XenobiaStephane RacleHow to tell an authentic Apple II floppy and manual from a forged reproduction or duplicate.
11AdvertisementData Europos and Captain's Quarters
11AdvertisementDigital Dinos
12-14,19ReviewSqueezing More PerformancePeter NeubauerA review of AppleSqueezer GS, an accelerator and memory card by Niek van Suchtelen.
15-17,19ConnectionsKen GagneA directory of online Apple II communities and alternatives to Twitter, including Mastodon, reddit, Usenet, message boards, and more.
18DumplinGSComings & GoingsKen GagneJosh Renaud recovers Yaakov Kirschen's Jewish educational software from Geshen; Brutal Deluxe releases Canal Neurte and AppleIIgs Karate; Oregon Trail movie in the works; Warp 6 BBS v4.0 released; Margot Comstock and Lyle Syverson pass away.
19Pop the Stack762 ApplesKay SavetzHow Russ Walter's Secret Guide to Computers & Tricky Living hacked the Internet Archive.
20AdvertisementNox Archaist

My Home Page

APDA Software Library
Apple Programmers and Developers Association software for the Apple II, now for sale from Juiced.GS under license from The Byte Works.

Review: Apple II emulators

Virtual II
Gerard Putter’s venerable 8-bit Apple II emulator for macOS.

A solid Apple II emulator for Windows.

AppleWin for Linux
A Linux port of AppleWin.

A macOS port of AppleWin.

Kent’s Emulated GS, by Kent Dickey.

David Schmidt’s fork of KEGS.

Dagen Brock’s fork of KEGS.

KEGS IIgs emulator
James Sanford’s Android fork of KEGS.

A KEGS feature for moving files between the emulated and host environments.

A cross-platform emulator of many legacy computer systems.

Apple in PC
AIPC, an Apple II emulator for Windows.

Kelvin Sherlock’s MAME frontend.

The Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.

J. B. Ward’s Apple II emulator for Raspberry Pi.

An embeddable emulator for websites.

Clock Signal
A latency-hating emulator of 8- and 16-bit platforms.


Finding Deceit in the Chambers of Xenobia
Stephane Racle’s chronicle of an Apple II transaction gone wrong.

Review: AppleSqueezer GS

AppleSqueezer GS
An accelerator and memory card for the Apple IIGS.

A benchmark utility from Brutal Deluxe for the Apple IIGS.


A Mastodon instance for retrocomputing enthusiasts.

An instance of Hometown, a fork of Mastodon.

Apple II Enthusiasts
A popular Facebook group.

A reddit subreddit of Apple II users.

Content tagged #apple2.

Nick Hamze’s Apple IIGS theme for Tumblr.

A Slack workspace for Apple II users.

A Libera.chat IRC channel.

csa2, a Usenet newsgroup accessed via Google Groups.

Tom Owad’s Apple II message board.

Verein zum Erhalt klassischer Computer
Association for the Preservation of Classic Computers, a German message board.

Telnet BBS Guide
An online directory of bulletin board systems.

BBS disk images
An Juiced.GS compilation of free Apple II telecom software.

An RSS aggregator.

Retro Roundup
A curated collection of Apple II sources and content via RSS.


Kirschen’s Apple II games for Gesher
Josh Renaud’s blog post about recovering the Jewish educational titles of Yaakov Kirschen.

Canal Meurtre
Brutal Deluxe’s Apple IIGS port of Froggy Software’s 1987 murder-mystery game for the Macintosh.

Apple IIgs Karate
Brutal Deluxe’s Apple IIGS port of Paradox/ElderSoft SoftWare’s 1987 karate game.

Warp 6
Free 8-bit BBS software for the Apple II, originally by Jim Ferr and now by Scott Johnson and Paul Lee.