Volume 5, Issue 3 (October 2000)

Volume 5, Issue 3 (October 2000)
2My Home PageFocused on the future for the Apple IIMax JonesY][KFest: the Apple II community looks to the future, Juiced.GS to continue publishing, Juiced.GS new email address
2-3Letters from the Land of ROMMisc.Quick Click Morph tip, IIGS telecommunications, Delphi withdrawing support for text-based users, MacOpener allows PC users to access HFS-formatted CD-ROMs,
4-10Cover storyKFest 2000Y][KFest coverage: Apple II users everywhere were able to observe the proceedings thanks to live netcasting, LanceGS Ethernet card for IIGS announced, A2Central and Syndicomm joining forces, new and upgraded software announcements, KFest committee changing of the guard
8AdvertisementSheppywareNew Sheppyware for Fall 2000
9SidebarGShisen contest resultsY][KFest GShisen results
10AdvertisementA2Central.comComing soon
10AdvertisementSheppywareTotally Sheppyware/The Complete Guide to Sheppyware
11ArticleThe KFest Files...Software and hardware released or updated at Y][KFest: LANceGS Ethernet card, Totally Sheppyware CD-ROM, The Complete Guide to Sheppyware, Lemonade Stand, DiskMaker v1.0, ImageMaker v1.3, NetPrinter, SCAP v1.1, Sedistic, SIS v1.1.1, Spectrum FTP, Taipan, GS ROM Grabber, Time in a Bottle CD-ROM, A2 ROMulan Vol 1 Edition 2, Arachnid PR2, Bernie ][ The Rescue 3.0
12-13Cover storyKFest After Hours...After hours discussion and late night interactions at Y][KFest: Door sign contest, 8 first-time attendees this year, crazy tie contest, Bite the Bag contest, high-quality projector, ProTERM BeOS in development, Carl Knobloch's taxi service returns, the Salsa Keyboard makes an appearance, impromptu Spectrum script serves as alarm clock for a two KFesters
14The Virtual GSWoof cubedRyan SuenagaNew features in Bernie v3.0
15AdvertisementJuiced.GSTime in a Bottle CD, The Compleat Lamp! CD, A2 ROMulan CD
16Shareware SpotlightQuench your thirst on a new IIGS gameNew products announced at Y][KFest, new Sheppyware products, Lemonade Stand GS, DiskMaker, ImageMaker v2.0, SCAP v1.1, GS ROM Grabber, GShisen 2000, Silvern Castle v5.1, Arachnid PR2
16AdvertisementJuiced.GSFriends for Life CD-ROM
17AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware 2000 / Summer
18-20DumplinGSDramatic entrance for the Apple II Ethernet cardLANceGS specs and pricing, LANceGS now shipping, Marinetti now open source, Genie Apple II Roundtable Library now on CD-ROM, The Compleat Lamp CD-ROM, Glen Bredon has passed away, Apple II resources on the net, Tony Diaz has taken stewardship of the CSA2 FAQs, Apple IIGS programmer David Ong Tat-Wee re-emerges with Defender of the World demo
20II Be Named LaterDead tired's not deadRyan SuenagaToo many Apple II projects, not enough time