Volume 5, Issue 4 (December 2000)

Volume 5, Issue 4 (December 2000)
2My Home PageA2Central.com has us all looking forwardMax JonesA2Central.com now online, Juiced.GS to continue publishing in 2001
3-4Letters from the Land of ROMMisc.Telnet-accessible public Lynx sites, finding out of production IIGS hardware, Yahoo! Buys Webring.org, Sweet16 and BeOS, using Kagi to purchase Apple II items
6-9ReviewA IIGS networking solutionGeoff WeissLANceGS Ethernet card
8AdvertisementThe Byte WorksOpus ][
9AdvertisementJuiced.GSSubscription renewal reminder
10The Virtual GSCoke, keyboards, caninesRyan SuenagaNot much happening in IIGS emulation lately, dreaming of a "portable" IIGS
11AdvertisementJuiced.GSCD-ROMs: Time in a Bottle, The Compleat Lamp, A2 ROMulan
12-14ProgrammingGet pumped with the GS/OS ExerciserEric ShepherdA look at the GS/OS Exerciser
15-17HardwarePower and your IIGSTony DiazA look at power and the IIGS
18AdvertisementBernie II the Rescue 3.0
19-20Shareware SpotlightReclassifications keep pouring inHoward KatzMore software reclassified through the Lost Classics Project (DiversiDOS, Diversified Accountant Job Cost System, BASIC.Help, SYSTEM.II, Phoenix II, DreamGrafix, Beagle Graphics, DiversiTune v1.1, Xenocide, Dueltris, Ancient Art of War at Sea), Lost Classics Project relocated to A2Central.com, LCP needs your help
20AdvertisementJuiced.GSFriends for Life CD-ROM
21AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware 2000 / Fall
22-24DumplinGSFree month helps launch A2Central.comA2Central.com free during December, A2Central.com continues to grow offering new services, Eric Shepherd acquires Syndicomm, A2Central.com now offering Apple II software for sale, Lost Classics Project moves to A2Central.com, all Byteworks software and documentation now available for purchase on Opus ][ CD-ROM set, Shareware Solutions II now selling Spectrum, Ninjaforce Web site updated, KEGS emulator ported to Windows, Bernie II The Rescue 3.0 coming soon
23II Be Named LaterAn Apple II New Year's ResolutionRyan SuenagaNew Year's resolutions