Volume 6, Issue 1 (April 2001)

Volume 6, Issue 1 (April 2001)
2My Home PageStill a lot of 'wow' in Apple II worldMax JonesThe Apple II community still has plenty of life left in it, this month's contributors (Gareth Jones, Tony Diaz, Ryan Suenaga, Dave Bennett, Tony Ward), 2001 is Juiced.GS's 6th year of publication
3-4Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Tips for getting IIGS emulation going on your PC, GShisen contest correction, using a standard PC monitor on a IIGS, scoring Apple II equipment at a school auction, Deja II for the Mac
6-8Cover storyThe Launching PadGareth JonesVarious IIGS program launchers discussed
9AdvertisementJuiced.GSCD-ROMs: Time in a Bottle, The Compleat Lamp, A2 ROMulan
10-11The Virtual GSAlternatives in emulationRyan SuenagaA look at emulators other than Bernie and Ernie (Gus for the Power Macintosh, XGS/iGS, KEGS)
11AdvertisementJuiced.GSFriends for Life CD-ROM
12AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKFest 2001
13Desktop PublishingBoxes, rules can keep content corralledDave BennettUsing boxes and rules to improve content appearance
14-15TelecommunicationsA new A2 library close to homeTony WardMigrating from Delphi to A2Central.com, A2Central.com's new Apple II File Library
16-19HardwareAn Apple II tech-torialTony Diaz3.5-inch disk drive refurbishment and maintenance
20Shareware SpotlightYahtzee joins list of GS game NDAsYahtzee NDA
21AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware 2001 / Winter
22-24DumplinGSKFest 2001 registration off and runningKFest 2001 registration now open, Syndicomm hires Dave Miller, A2Central.com to be renamed Syndicomm.com, A2Central.com now offering Enhanced accounts, Delphi's text interface to go dark May 1, Delphi's Web version of Apple II Forum to remain online, Arachnid IIGS Web browser reaches Preview Release 3, Telnet NDA now available, Byteworks' ORCA shell bug fixed - update available to registered users, IIGS X-10 software now available on the Web, Spectrum updated to v2.5.2
23II Be Named LaterSweet swan song for Byte WorksRyan SuenagaOpus ][: The ByteWorks's parting gift to the Apple II community