Volume 6, Issue 3 (November 2001)

Volume 6, Issue 3 (November 2001)
2My Home PageA new look for the future of Juiced.GSMax JonesJuiced.GS gets a new publisher (Syndicomm) and a new Editor-in-Chief (Ryan Suenaga)
3-4Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.New subscriber is a new IIGS user looking for advice, Apple IIs in use at the MDA telethon, Aussie Apple II users chime in
5AdvertisementSyndicommApple II products from Syndicomm
6-9Cover storyA KFest Call to ArmsMax JonesKansasFest 2001 coverage: Keynote address by Eric Shepherd a call to arms for Apple II community, Tony Diaz assumes mantle of leadership on KansasFest Committee, Tuedsay early-arrival tradition continues, group dinner at Stephenson's Apple Orchard, more KansasFest events to be Webcast this year
10Cover storyKFest After Hours...Max JonesKansasFest 2001 coverage, After Hours: attendees new and returning, GShisen and HackFest contests, Tony Diaz demos an Apple III
11AdvertisementJuiced.GSFriends for Life and Friends II CD-ROMs
12-13The Virtual GSBuilding BridgesRyan SuenagaTransferring data between an Apple IIGS and other platforms
14AdvertisementJuiced.GSTime in a Bottle CD, The Compleat Lamp! CD, A2 ROMulan CD
15AdvertisementGamebitsEsprit de Apple Corps CD-ROM set
15-16Shareware SpotlightPlatinum Paint latest Lost Classics successHoward KatzMore Lost Classics Project reclassification 'wins': Platinum Paint, Applied Engineering software, Vitesse Salvation series, LCP team grows, Operation Lambda and Opening Line from Bret Victor now freeware
16AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware 2001 / Summer
17AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection Catalog
18-20DumplinGSIIGS gets a little help from 'Friends'Juiced.GS 'Friends II' CD-ROM released, KFest 2001 product announcements rundown, Syndicomm Online announces rate reductions and enhanced services, Steve Weyhrich's Apple II History Web site continues to add new content, Bret Victor releases deMODifier utility for Windows
19II Be Named LaterFor everything else, there's KansasFestRyan SuenagaMasterCard commercial spoof