Volume 6, Issue 4 (February 2002)

Volume 6, Issue 4 (February 2002)
2My Home PageIt's time for the transition to beginMax JonesDetails about the transition to new publisher and editor emerge, a 'Thanks and farewell' from Max Jones
3-5Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Former Apple II user looking to trade collection, looking for a copy of Castle Wolfenstein, a thank-you from a long time reader, request for a HackFest recap, new subscriber hunting for DiversiTune, value of a IIGS-in-a-IIe upgrade?
5AdvertisementGamebitsEsprit de Apple Corps CD-ROM set
6The Virtual GSEmulation has been a long, winding roadRyan SuenagaA look back at the development of Apple II emulation
7AdvertisementJuiced.GSAnnual subscription renewal reminder
8ReviewSiemens router fits the billRyan SuenagaSiemens SpeedStream 2-Port DSL/Cable Router
9AdvertisementSyndicommApple II products from Syndicomm
10ReviewCD set captures spirit of the IIGSMax JonesEsprit de Apple Corps CD-ROM set
11AdvertisementJuiced.GSFriends for Life and Friends II CD-ROMs
12AdvertisementJuiced.GSTime in a Bottle CD, The Compleat Lamp! CD, A2 ROMulan CD
13-14Shareware SpotlightA simple, powerful dialing assistantAutoDialer NDA v1.0, Silvern Castle upgrade, SOAR (Spectrum Offline Automated Reader), GS Font Editor, DiversiTune v1.1
14AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware 2001 / Fall, Summer, Spring
15-16AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection Catalog
17-20DumplinGSAfter all these years, an egg hatchesSpectrum Internet Suite v1.1 Easter Egg revealed, Rich Dreher announces plans to develop CompactFlash for Apple interface card (CFFA), Woz creates new company to develop wireless technology, Ewen Wannop updates SOAR to v1b6, Syndicomm Online announces new prices and features, Lazarus I. Long releases alpha version of Apple DOS File System utility for Macintosh, Howard Katz takes over as editor of A2 News and Notes after Ryan Suenaga departs to captain Juiced.GS, KEGS32 emulator updated to v0.60
19II Be Named LaterThis Title Is Six Words LongRyan SuenagaLooking forward to taking over at Juiced.GS
20AdvertisementJuiced.GSAnnual subscription renewal reminder