Volume 7, Issue 3 (September 2002)

Volume 7, Issue 3 (September 2002)
2My Home PageTo everything there is a seasonRyan SuenagaMisprinted copies of Juiced.GS, another year at KansasFest, Richard Bennett-Forrest joins Juiced.GS staff, KansasFest 2003 scheduled
3Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.A question about the CFFA review, misprinted copies of Juiced.GS, a reader recommitting to keeping his IIGS running
4-7Cover storyKFest 2002Ryan SuenagaKansasFest 2002 coverage: numbers down but attendees spirits high
8-9Cover storyKFest After HoursAfter hours activities at KansasFest: first-ever cookout, wired (and wireless) high-speed internet access at Avila, new and veteran attendees, KGB: KansasFest Global Broadcast - Webcasting KansasFest sessions killed by technical difficulties, Syndicomm/Juiced.GS reception and Krispy Kreme donut run, a sneak peek at "Sweet26" the Mac OS X version of the Sweet16 emulator, a moment of silence for the departed Salsa Keyboard, eBay auctions to raise funds for future KansasFests?, GShisen competition hosted by Ken Gagne, attendee Sean Fahey to adopt a child
10SoftwareBarney ][ the Rescue?A look at the new Simply Softdisk G-S CD-ROM from Syndicomm
11AdvertisementKansasFest CommitteeThanks to KansasFest 2002 attendees
12-15Tech-torialEmulating CortlandRichard Bennett-ForrestOutback Emulation: A look at IIGS emulation
15AdvertisementSyndicommSimply Softdisk G-S CD-ROM
16-17II the MaxWord processors make writing fun and easyKen GagneA look at Apple II word processors and text editors
18-20DumplinGSOld Apples still in the mainstream mediaNuts & Volts magazine takes a look back at the Apple-1, Call-A.P.P.L.E now selling software and back issues on CD-ROM, KansasFest 2003 announced, KansasFest attendance down - festival's future in question, Rich Dreher and Jerry Cline appears as guests on Syndicomm's Real Time Conference chats thanks to manager Kirk Mitchell, former Apple IIGS programmer and employee of now-defunct Apple II company EGO Systems Joe Wankerl resurfaces at MacHack 2002, Juiced.GS to continue publishing in 2003, Juiced.GS annual subscription price increase announced, Vintage Computer Festival 5.0 dates and location announced, first run of Rich Dreher's CFFA card sold out; second run under consideration, star IIGS programmer Aarom Pulver announces code updates to Netatalk application to include compatibility with Appleshare clients
19A Word or IIThe Spirit of KansasFestKen GagneCommunity building at KansasFest
20AdvertisementJuiced.GSAnnual subscription renewal reminder