Volume-7-Issue-4 Page: 2
Type: My Home Page
Author: Ryan Suenaga
Headline: Bring on the rain
Synopsis: More printing service issues for Juiced.GS, recognizing the excellent Juiced.GS staff, Doug Cuff joins Juiced.GS staff, time to renew Juiced.GS subscriptions for 2003

Page: 3
Type: From the publisher's desktop
Author: Eric Shepherd
Synopsis: A look at Juiced.GS publishing procedures and an apology for ongoing printing service problems

Page: 4-5
Type: Letters
Author: Misc.
Headline: Letters from the Land of ROM
Synopsis: More printing service issues, Friends for Life II CD ordered & complements for the CFFA review, is the planned GS+ CD-ROM still forthcoming?, correction on the information about the image of the pre-ROM OO IIGS motherboard

Page: 6-8
Type: Cover story
Author: Ryan Suenaga
Headline: The broadbanded IIGS
Synopsis: A look at connecting the IIGS to broadband internet service

Page: 9
Type: Advertisement
Author: Syndicomm
Synopsis: The Byte Works software, APDA tools and documentation, other Syndicomm software and hardware

Page: 10-11
Type: The Virtual GS
Author: Geoff Weiss
Headline: ActiveGS by the FTA
Synopsis: FTA's ActiveGS emulator first look

Page: 12-13
Type: On the 'Net
Author: Howard Katz
Headline: Search the Internet with Google
Synopsis: Search engines and using Google

Page: 14-15
Type: Review
Author: Doug Cuff
Headline: Simply Softdisk G-S CD-ROM
Synopsis: Simply Softdisk G-S CD-ROM

Page: 16-17
Type: Tech-torial
Author: Richard Bennett-Forrest
Headline: Emulate or simulate?
Synopsis: Outback Emulation: Emulation vs simulation: emulating the IIGS MMU

Page: 18-19
Type: Tech-torial
Author: Tony Diaz
Headline: At last: MacIP for Marinetti
Synopsis: Marinetti MacIP Link Layer Module technical overview

Page: 20-21
Type: II the Max
Author: Ken Gagne
Headline: Telecom makes the world go round
Sub-headline: Talk can be cheap on the Internet
Synopsis: A look at Apple II telecom applications

Page: 22-24
Type: DumplinGS
Headline: IIGS emulation goes Mac OS X native
Synopsis: KEGS for Mac OS X released, KEGS updates released, KEGS website now live, Andrew Roughan releases System Tool 129 (the Crypto tool set), Lost Classics Project gets Nibble diskettes reclassified, longtime Apple II vendore Shreve Systems closes it doors, Call-A.P.P.L.E. announces new CD-ROMs of software and documentation for sale, Call-A.P.P.L.E. web-based BBS now live, Wired magazine making inquiries for possible Apple II article, Adobe Acrobat gets official Apple II filetype, Micomsoft XRGB-2plus upscan converter connects RGB devices to VGA monitors, CFFA second-run waiting list now open, Syndicomm is moving to Tennessee

Page: 23
Type: A Word or II
Author: Ken Gagne
Headline: It's a living
Synopsis: What does Ken actually do for a living?

Page: 24
Type: Advertisement
Author: Juiced.GS
Synopsis: A2-ROMulan CD-ROM Volume 1