Volume 9, Issue 3 (August 2004)

Volume 9, Issue 3 (August 2004)
2My Home PageIntensities in Ten CitiesRyan SuenagaKFest 2004, intro to this issue, Ryan's here for another year
3From the publisher's desktopTo All Our SubscribersEric ShepherdApologies for stupid printing companies
4-5Cover storyNot going away any time soonRyan SuenagaKFest 2004 coverage
6-7Cover storyKansasFest After HoursRyan SuenagaKFest 2004 after hours
8AdvertisementKansasFestThanks for the memories at KFest 2004
9Reel ][ ReelReviewed: Office Space, Hackers and TerminatorKen GagneHackers, Office Space, and The Terminator
10-11MusinGSReplica I creator Vince BrielDoug CuffVince Briel interview
12-13Tech-torialMaking messes, saving moneyRyan SuenagaInkjet refilling
14-15On the 'NetA second look at GoogleHoward KatzAdvanced features of Google
16-17Shareware SpotlightVNCView GSRyan SuenagaVNCView GS review
18-19DumplinGSGetting busy with Geoff WeissKen GagneGeoff's new tools, KFest 2004 DVDs & KFest 2005, Silvern Castle, Sweet16, Kelvin's Marlene, LANceGS 8-bit code, Soundsmith freeware, Virtual II, and CFFA
19A Word or IIBeyond Infinite LoopKen GagneVCF's era of multiple platforms, now gone