Volume 9, Issue 4 (November 2004)

Volume 9, Issue 4 (November 2004)
2My Home PageWe went right on with the showRyan SuenagaMacintosh turns 20, Ken Gagne assumes more duties behind the scenes at Juiced.GS, Aussie Apple II programmer Andrew Roughan joins Juiced.GS staff, KansasFest 2004 is coming
3Letters from the Land of ROMMisc.Hats off to Ryan and Ken, looking for Randy Brandt's TO.Analyzer and TO.CelLink
4-6Cover storyReview: Spectrum Internet Suite 1.2Ryan SuenagaReview of Spectrum Internet Suite 1.2
6SidebarThe GNU General Public License and CopyleftRyan SuenagaOverview of the GNU General Public License and Copyleft
7AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKansasFest 2004
8,10-11ConnectionsInside MSOP: the new MarinettiAndrew RoughanA look at Marinetti 3.0b1
9AdvertisementSyndicommSyndicomm software
12-13Tech-torialPutting the ][ in 2004Richard Bennett-ForrestA Outback Emulation: look at the role of Apple II emulators in 2004
14-15Reel ][ ReelReviewed: Tron, Sneakers and WarGamesKen GagneGeek movie reviews: Tron, Sneakers, WarGames
16-17ReviewA IIGS configurable broadband routing solutionRyan SuenagaFMI 802.11b 11Mbps Wireless Router
18-19DumplinGSSweet 16 plus one: KansasFest 2004KansasFest 2004 is coming, new Apple II games released: MazezaM and Sparks, upcoming Super Mario Bros IIGS port gets a Web page, Generic Tile Engine (GTE) Web page now live, Eamon Adventurer's Guild Web page live, Syndicomm releases updates and cuts subscription prices, Aussie IIGS programmer Kim Howe updates several of his programs, more Apple II-related content uploaded to AtariArchives.org, CiderPress price cut announced, KEGS emulator ported to Microsoft XBox console, more emulator updates (KEGS, ActiveGS, Virtual ][, AppleWin)
19A Word or IILegacyKen GagneAn Apple II life
20AdvertisementCall-A.P.P.L.E.Call-A.P.P.L.E. software and services